No You Don't/Capitol Hill/Tues Dec 19/11:22 pm: Officer Mills reports: "She was standing outside of Safeway on 15th, just outside the entry/exit doors at the south end of the parking lot. She was smoking a cigarette and waiting for a taxi. The suspect stopped and asked [if] he could buy a cigarette from her. He was 19; she was 50. She gave him a negative response. He suddenly grabbed her purse; she grabbed her purse back and said, 'Oh no you don't, you son of a bitch.' He re-grabbed her purse, she re-grabbed her purse back. He gave up and ran northbound through the parking lot. She reported no items missing from her purse."

The Call Box/Capitol Hill/Wed Dec 20/11:30 pm: Officer Fleming reports: "Victim received a buzz from the call box at the entrance to the apartment building. When she answered, the person asked to be let in. The victim described the voice as a high-pitched male's voice. The victim refused to let the person in. The person asked if she was 'Helen'? She said that she was. The call was then disconnected.

"Every night since that night [December 14], the victim has received a call from the entrance at approximately 24:00 hours. When she answers, no one answers back. Today, December 20 at 23:30 hours, she returned after being out. She saw a letter on top of the call box. Her name was on the letter. She opened the letter and read: 'Turn on one light? I wont you [sic] to make sure that I can get in at 2:00 + 2:15 am so I can show you something real BIG. And I wont say a word ok? I really want to eat yours. You don't know me but you will soon? Because you know I want.'

I submitted the letter into evidence and asked that she call 911 if she received any more calls from the call box."

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My Kung Fu/Ballard/Thursday Dec 21/6:30 pm: Officer Hirjak: "The victim [born in 1928] was emphatic that the suspect [born in 1920] be criminally charged. I contacted the suspect next door. I noted that he was blind in his right eye and was about half the size of the victim—however, he was obviously much more mobile. He said that he was watching a basketball game when the victim started throwing paper towels at him. He said that he attempted to take the paper towels away from the victim but the victim was outside on the balcony. The suspect stated: 'I could've killed him. I'm a kung fu expert, but I didn't even hurt him.' He then demonstrated his fondness for kung fu by showing me that he was watching a kung fu movie. I advised the suspect to stay away from the victim." recommended