Fathers and Sons/Northgate/Mon Oct 21/2:45 pm: This afternoon, a devoted father and his son went to a Northgate Way mosque for prayer service. At approximately 2:45 pm, the prayer service concluded, and, according to the devoted father, "the self-appointed leaders of the mosque" tried to raise money for the "Muslim Prisoners in the U.S. Defense Fund." The devoted father immediately objected to this idea for the following reasons:

1. By proclamation of an autocratic junta, the mosque was usurped from the Muslim community on January 18, 1993.

2. Since January 18, 1993, there has been no financial accountability, no audit or financial reports. The community does not know where its money goes.

3. The despotic keepers of the mosque are not the Muslim community's legitimate, democratically elected representatives.

4. The majority of the Muslim community are loyal citizens of the U.S., and do not support defending those who are under investigation for plots against their country.

Because of the above-listed reasons, the devoted father did not believe it was correct for the "leaders" of the mosque to attempt to raise money for a "suspicious and suddenly concocted title of 'Muslim Prisoners in the U.S. Defense Fund.'" As he stated his objections, a man standing nearby suddenly poked two fingers into his left eye. The devoted father immediately backed away, while several mosque members grabbed the attacker and restrained him. When the attacker realized he could not get at the devoted father, he attacked the man's mentally disabled child. The attacker grabbed the boy around the neck and started choking him. Several people again restrained the attacker, and the devoted father quickly walked out of the mosque with his disabled son. While the father headed to his vehicle, the suspect ran up to him and said, "Next time I will find you alone and break your neck!" The devoted father then left the area.

Officer Sprecher advised the distressed father on the proper procedure for obtaining an all-American protection order.

Pacific Rim Terrorism/Downtown/Sat Nov 16/10 pm: On the night of November 10, a man, whom we shall call Mr. Raoul Ruiz, walked into a downtown Kinko's and made several attempts to fax a letter to the Russian Embassy. After several failed transmissions, Mr. Ruiz became incensed and demanded assistance. An employee assisted Mr. Ruiz, and faxed his letter to the Russian Embassy and the White House. The employee chanced to read a part of the letter. It more or less stated that Mr. Ruiz wanted to work with the CCCP to return it to its former glory, and that he knew all the terrorist groups operating in the Pacific Rim.

Today, Mr. Ruiz returned and asked the employee to make business cards with the CIA logo. This time around the employee refused to help and called the police. Officer C. The subject was questioned and released from the scene.