I don't wanna see no doc/I need attendance from my nurse around the clock/'Cause there's no prescription for me/She's the one, the only remedy/Night nurse....--Gregory Isaacs, "Night Nurse"

The Life of Bears and Fish/Northgate-Capitol Hill/Mon May 19/8:30 am: Reporting Officer W. Boyd writes: "The victim received three very strange letters from a suspect in the mail at work today. One of them was addressed properly (she works at the Northgate Group Health), but the other two were addressed to the Group Health on Capitol Hill. The victim showed me the letters, and I observed that the outside of the envelope had writing all over that said things such as 'spreader of infections,' 'I have a surprise for you,' 'alcoholic,' 'porn star,' 'drug user,' etc. One envelope contained a 'Thank You' card in which the suspect briefly says that the victim ruined her life, used her, and damaged her. The other two contained notepaper with more writing and a condom (still in the package). The writing seemed random, with almost no complete sentences and many nonsensical statements, like, 'Life is about bears and fish.' Also, 'Rush home fast because a dump truck just dumped manure at your door.' Also, 'You call yourself a nurse. You're nothing.' The victim was fairly sure who the letters were from.

"From about April 2000 to July 2001, the nurse managed a building that the suspect lived (and still lives) in. The suspect had sustained an injury while in the Army, and survived on funds from the VA. When the suspect found out that her apartment manager was also a nurse, she began talking to her regularly. The nurse tried to be friendly with the veteran. [The reporting officer fails to say how friendly the nurse tried to get with the veteran.] Eventually, the nurse moved away, and since then the veteran has made a few attempts to try to get in touch with her. The nurse's phone number is unlisted, and the veteran does not know where she lives, so she is not really worried about her. The nurse also does not think the veteran poses a physical threat to her; she just wanted the incident documented."

The End Is Forever/Pill Hill/Sun May 25/3 pm: This afternoon, Officer Toman responded to Harborview Medical Center to a reported harassment. When the officer arrived he/she contacted a man, whom we shall call Stevens, who told him/her that he was being harassed at home and at work by a former lover, whom we shall call Pater--as in Walter Pater. Their relationship was brief (three months) and ended rather unpleasantly. Shortly after the break, Pater called Stevens wanting to re-continue their relationship. In no uncertain terms, Stevens told Pater to conduct his search for love elsewhere. In response, a hurt Pater called the hospital's administration and said, in an effort to tarnish his former and indifferent lover's name, that Stevens was illegally reading and sharing confidential medical records. The little strategy proved to be inefficacious. Since that time, Stevens had his phone number blocked and is seeking a temporary protection order. Stevens had no additional information about Pater, except that he might now be a transient.

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