The Animal Kingdom

Children and Chickens/Central District/Tues Sept 2/10:04 pm: When Officer Brenton arrived at the house in question, he was informed by the victim that while the victim was at work that day several juveniles from the neighborhood came to his yard and threw rocks at his chickens. The victim said that the incident was reported to him by a concerned neighbor, who also forced the children to leave the chickens alone. Officer Brenton reports: "None of the [victim's] chickens were injured as a result of this incident.

Nights in Satan's Service/Discovery Park/Wed Sept 3/midnight: Officer Juinenz reports: "[This morning,] I responded to Officer Rogers' reference report of several dead/mutilated animals at a location in Discovery Park. Upon arrival, Officer Rogers directed me to an area near the entrance gate to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. There I observed several carcasses of assorted animals, including Canadian geese, several squirrels, four possums, and other birds. Some of the animals were beheaded or mutilated. I also found at the site what appeared to be a raccoon hide that someone had attempted to sew into a hat. I could not determine if this was a ritual-type scene or transients collecting road kill or hunting. Officer Rogers took photos of the site and we provided case numbers to each other."

Momma's Got a Gun/Sand Point/Thurs Sept 4/4:35 pm: After obtaining the weapon from the suspect without incident, Officer Howard and his partner were informed of the following: "The victim went to check the mailbox. The mailbox is located on NE 134th St. The witness also lives on NE 134th St and owns several dogs. When the victim arrived at the mailbox, he heard his mother, the suspect, yell to him. The victim turned and saw at least two of the witness' dogs running towards him. The victim began to run; the dogs jumped a fence and pursued the victim. The suspect, the mother, feared the dogs would catch and maul her son, so fired one shot into the air to scare away the dogs. The dogs fled and the witness locked them in his home." The officers placed the gun into evidence.

Dog Officer Scar/Rainer Valley/Wed Sept 3/10:41 pm: Upon seeing the suspicious 1998 Chrysler at "the gas pumps area of the 7-Eleven on Rainier Avenue South," Officer Longley checked the license plate on the cop computer and discovered that the owner of the vehicle was wanted for an outstanding arrest. The officer made contact with suspect one, who was the driver, and suspect two, the passenger. At once, the officer resolved that the suspects were involved with drugs, and called Officer Volluz and Police Dog Scar to respond to the scene and verify his determination. Officer Volluz reports: "Police Dog Scar [entered the car and] located these narcotic items in suspect two's purse: 1.4 grams of suspected rock cocaine. 1.6 grams of suspected tar heroin. 1.7 grams of suspected flake cocaine." Because both suspects seemed very ill and complained of various medical difficulties, they were identified and released at the scene.

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