Too Hot/Downtown/Wed Feb 7/3:02 pm: Officer Guzley responded to several complaints about a naked man traveling on foot near Westlake Park.

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He writes: "Hundreds of bystanders and tourists walked by the suspect to see him naked in the park. Many people stopped to view the suspect. One male could be seen on the In-Car-Video stopping to photograph the suspect with his cell phone. The suspect was eventually covered with a yellow blanket and additional blankets to conceal him from public view."

Guzley placed the five-feet-seven, 247-pound man under arrest.

The report continues with a bit of a rant: "The suspect has been arrested several times for indecent exposure in Westlake Park. The prosecutors have continuously failed to prosecute him for this activity. He continues to perform his acts despite the effect on children and bystanders. He was interviewed on In-Car-Video and stated he walks around naked because: 'There is nothing else to do!' He also claims he becomes 'too hot' for clothes."

The staff at the Starbucks at Westlake Park (which is really more of a square) is quite familiar with "the naked guy" and other irregulars who rebel against the strictures of the public sphere (like another man last week who pooped on the street). Barista Giulietta Badame says she wonders how the naked man could have been "too hot" for clothes in the cold, rainy dreariness.

The chill provided for one pleasant side effect. "You couldn't really see his winky," Badame says. "It was either because of the cold or his stomach was too big."

When Badame spotted the nudist, he didn't look crazy or confused. He was waiting patiently at a crosswalk with other pedestrians for the light to change. "He definitely looked like he was just going about his business and just forgot his clothes," she said.

The Trend Continues/Green Lake/Sun Jan 28/10:28 am: Officer Street responded to reports of a naked man near the playground in Green Lake Park. He writes: "When officers arrived, Seattle Fire Department personnel were on scene and treating [the naked man] in the grass near the community center building. [The naked man] was alert, but was not making sense when he spoke. He was unable to explain how he came to be at the park wearing only a T-shirt and one shoe.... It appeared that [he] was under the influence of narcotics. There were no witnesses to any lewd acts directed at any individual other than the fact that he was walking through the park with his lower half exposed."

According to police spokesman Sean Whitcomb, police have no obligation to crack down on public nudity unless people call to complain. "Generally speaking, we're not going to get involved unless there's a sexual aspect to it and a complaining victim," he said. In cases of a copper coming across a clothes-free citizen, Whitcomb said general protocol would be to make a simple contact, "run their name, and suggest they put on some clothes."