Conflicting Reports/U-District/Tues Feb 13/3:45 am: Officer Schubeck interviewed several fraternity brothers outside of their house. They stated that a black male had come out of a nearby apartment, made an "unprovoked remark," and then walked over to a car with a girl in the driver's seat. Officer Schubeck writes: "The witnesses all fled inside the frat house, because they thought [the suspect] was going to get a gun. [The complainant] told me he had seen and played enough video games to be able to tell when someone is going for a weapon."

One witness said he saw the suspect "sitting in the front passenger seat, with the door open, holding what appeared to be a black semiautomatic handgun in his right hand.... None of the witnesses claimed that [the suspect] pointed a gun at any of them, and only one... claimed to have seen a gun." The car drove away.

An hour later, when officers found and arrested—at gunpoint—the suspect and his girlfriend, they heard a different story. When the suspect left his apartment that evening, he had been confronted by a group of seven frat boys. "They started harassing him, wanting to know what he was doing. Three of them began to advance toward him. He felt they were going to assault him and he was afraid for his safety. He told [his girlfriend] to pop the trunk, trying to make the frat boys think he was going for a weapon. He did get a stapler, but did not threaten or point it at anyone." Police sided with the couple and sent them home.

I found the pair back on campus. Like his accusers, Asa Ferguson, 21, also attends the University of Washington. He said the cops "were really cool" once they heard his side of the story. Of his next-door neighbors at Sigma Nu, he said he isn't worried. "I don't have time to stress over little frat boys," said Ferguson, who MCs under the name Crookz. His girlfriend, Colby Hammond, 20, goes by the moniker Cash. I couldn't track down Ferguson's neighbors/accusers, although I did witness an SUV screeching out of a parking lot with a white boy clutching a cold one in the passenger seat.

Wakeup Call/South Lake Union/Tues Feb 13/2:45 am: Officer Toner responded to a prowler call at a Taylor Avenue North apartment complex where, according to the police report, "an unknown male was attempting to pry off a screen and enter an apartment unit. I approached and arrested [the suspect] without incident. [The suspect] is Bulgarian and speaks little English. He stated that he... was just trying to wake up his roommate to let him in." The roommate told police that the suspect had been so drunk, he'd left him to sleep in the car. "Apparently, [the suspect] had woken up and was trying to find his apartment. Unfortunately, he was two doors off and was actually taking the screen off and trying the door and windows of the unit belonging to [another tenant]." recommended