Before Seven and After Eleven

Parts of a Puzzle/Lake City/Thurs Feb 19/4:17 am:

One: "The victim called to report that she had been assaulted by a 7-Eleven clerk."

Two: "The clerk of the 7-Eleven called to report that the victim had stolen candy."

Three: "Upon arrival, I [Officer Spong] questioned the victim (a 20-year-old woman with watery bloodshot eyes, who seemed, by the smell of her breath, very intoxicated) about stealing candy from the store. She stated that she went into the 7-Eleven to get some food and use the restroom.... While in the restroom, the store clerk entered and had sex with her. I asked the victim if the sex was consensual and she said it was not. 'He just pulled it out and did it,' the victim explained, but would not elaborate on what was said before or after the incident. I asked if she was willing to go to Harborview for a sexual-assault analysis. She immediately stated, 'Yes. His sperm will show up, as it's all inside of me.'"

Four: "The store clerk (a 32-year-old male wearing a red uniform shirt) said the following: The victim came into the store, asked to use the restroom, and went inside the restroom, while he stayed near the cashier area. Once the victim was done, he gave her a hot dog, but then she took a piece of candy and refused to pay. He attempted to escort her out of the store. She refused to cooperate and said she wanted to call the police, as she had no way of getting home. The clerk allowed her to use the phone. I asked the clerk if at any time he went into the restroom. He said no."

Five: "On noticing a security camera, I asked the clerk if I could review what it had recorded. The clerk said the tape was in a locked room that could only be opened by the owner, who would be in at 10 am I told him to call the owner now and have him open the room. He called the owner.... The owner arrived, opened the room, and reversed the digital images to when the victim entered the store. Myself, the owner, Officer Boyland, and the clerk began watching the images."

Six: "At 3:45 am the victim entered the store and walked to the checkout counter. The clerk pointed in the direction of the restroom, which was out of sight of the camera. The victim walked toward the direction of the restroom. Alone, the clerk then walked to the entrance/exit of the store and looked out at the parking lot. The clerk then turned and walked toward the restroom. The store was empty. I noticed the time was 3:55 am. Suddenly the time jumped to 4:03 am [the camera only operates when there is motion] as the clerk returned to the counter.... Moments later, the victim appeared, but did not seem distraught."

Seven: "The clerk stated nothing had happened during the eight-minute lapse; he just walked to the restroom door and waited for the victim to exit it.... The clerk was voluntarily escorted to the North Precinct for further questioning."

Eight: "I went to Harborview.... Upon arrival, the on-duty nurse informed me that they had not performed the sex-assault examination yet. I attempted to speak to the victim but noticed that she was asleep."

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