Sun Aug 8, 4:20 am: Seven "black and white" males entered a store on Northgate Way and asked the store attendant if they could buy some beer. When they were informed it was way past the hour he was permitted to sell any kind of alcohol, the young men became very upset. One among them walked over to the beer section, took an 18 pack of Budweiser, and, with the rest of the six "black and white" males, stormed out of the store. They were last seen heading eastbound on Northgate Way. This small incident clearly shows that if some effort is made, blacks and whites can get along and work toward a common goal. Indeed, it is moments like these that make me proud to almost be an American. (I have only 3 more years to go!)

California Nazis to the end of the world

Thurs Aug 12, 3:41 pm: A Nordstrom employee received a letter whose return address was in German (when translated it read "walk in peace"). The letter was postmarked from Oakland, CA on the 11th of August, and it contained a page copied from the bible, with a few parts highlighted in pink. These are some of the highlighted passages: "Neither shall ye break a bone there off"; "but they were made free, and it came to pass"; "and they began to be divided into classes"; and "ye who walks in the shadow of death." The Nordstrom employee doesn't know who sent this letter and is afraid of the implications, as she is Jewish.

Fucking Americans
45th Ave S

Fri Aug 13, 1:00 pm: According to Lavita Walker, she and her son called a taxi—a Farwest taxi to be exact—to take them to the home of the boy's father. But when the taxi arrived and they got into the back seat, the taxi driver, an irascible Iranian, said: "Pay the fucking money now!" Shocked, Walker explained they would pay at the end of the trip, as was the custom in America. The taxi driver got very angry and screamed: "I want my fucking money now! I ain't taking you fucking Americans anywhere! You fucking Americans!" At that, Walker and her son got out of the taxi, and it sped off southbound on 45th Ave S. Walker noted the number of the cab and called Farwest Taxi to file a consumer complaint. But after being put on hold for a hell of a long time, the dispatcher (who listened to her story) said, "tough luck," and hung up the phone on the "fucking American." Walker then called 911 and reported the incident to the police.

The lonely lover from East India
Queen Anne

Fri Aug 13, 10:30 pm: A white woman from Lake Forest Park was quietly sitting near the fountain in Seattle Center when she was approached by a dark East Indian man who started asking "personal questions" in "a heavy accent." The Lake Forest Park woman told the East Indian man that she was happily married and suggested he should try his luck elsewhere. The East Indian man said he had moved to America two years ago, and was so lonely. He then took the Lake Forest Park woman's hand and began kissing it with a Pepe le Pew-like persistence. She tried to withdraw her besieged hand but he wouldn't let go, and his kisses progressed up her arm and her neck before reaching her face. When she finally liberated herself from his hungry lips and desperate grip, she located a police officer a short distance away from the fountain. But upon making contact with the cop, she saw the dark East Indian man turn and run away northbound through Seattle Center.

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