A Scene from the Combat Zone/Downtown/ Mon Aug 2/5:54 pm: We enter this report, which involves a woman (white, late-30s) being attacked by her boyfriend (white, mid-30s), near its middle. Officer Darnell writes: "The victim approached the suspect at a corner and asked about a missing Great Dane named Cujo. The suspect threw rocks at her. She threw rocks back at him. The suspect then came at her, yelling, 'You fucked up my crack deal.' He knocked the victim to the ground and held her down with his knees on her chest and throat area. He pulled her hair and put a hand over her mouth. She finally got up by hitting the suspect in the balls. She then grabbed some barbed wire in self-defense and began swinging it at the suspect. The suspect [surrendered and] left the scene."

The Middle of the War/Metro Tunnel Westlake Station/Mon Aug 2/1:30 pm: Officer Ostby writes: "The victim [white male] was standing on the platform at Bay C in the Metro Westlake Station when an elderly b/f [black female] approached him and asked him if he was a Metro employee. He stated he was. She then asked him if he would not mind sitting next to a younger b/f who was sitting on one of the Metro benches. She explained that the young b/f was frightened by the b/m [black male] sitting next to her because he was staring at her strangely. The Metro employee agreed to the minor request and went to the bench, where he sat between the b/f and the b/m. The Metro employee turned to the b/f and began making casual conversation with her. The b/m stood up, took one step toward the Metro employee, and immediately began punching him. The suspect hit the victim approximately ten times before running up to the mezzanine level. The suspect left the station via the Third Avenue and Pine Street entrance/exit."

At Peace/Capitol Hill/Mon Aug 2/Eternity: Officer Stankiewicz writes: "The witness stated she was the victim's ex-girlfriend and that the victim had called her at 10:00 a.m. She had missed the call because she was at the gym. When she was done with her workout, she called the victim's cell phone at approximately 10:30 a.m. and got no response. After the witness returned home, she went to the victim's apartment door at 11:30 a.m. and knocked. When she got no response from the inside, she walked outside to the north side of the building and stopped by the victim's window. She looked in through the blinds and observed the victim hanging from the pipes anchored to the ceiling. She ran to the manager and informed him of what she had seen. The manager went to the victim's room and entered it with a passkey. The victim was hanging from the pipes by a bed sheet. He quickly cut her down and laid her on the bed, and called 911.... The victim had written a suicide note. It stated she was very despondent over CPS taking her children from her and that she wanted to be done with this world. She stated she would be happier and at peace in the afterlife."

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