"Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life" --John 6:53

Arm Meat/Belltown/Sat Oct 2/1:00 am: Officer Arata reports that a bouncer at a Belltown club that has a reputation for being a meat market noticed a heavy woman pushing people as she made her way through the very crowded bar. A moment later, he noticed a commotion that was instigated by her aggressive behavior. He approached the heavy woman, grabbed her by both of her arms, and told her to leave the establishment. "The woman then bit his arm extremely hard," writes Officer Arata. "The bouncer had to use his free hand to force the [heavy woman] off his arm. The woman was then removed to the sidewalk area, and the SPD where called over to assist. The woman was screaming hysterically and would not calm down, and the victim had a bite mark on his left inner forearm. A photo of the injury was taken by Officer Powers."

Tenderized/Rainer Valley/Fri Oct 1/4:00 pm: Officer Zlock reports: "Two weeks ago, suspect one told the victims that [his gang] would have the victims killed if they didn't allow [his gang] to use their restaurant for their illegal activities. Victim one [a man] and victim two [a woman] resisted suspect one's threats. Today, suspect one and suspect two entered the victims' restaurant. Suspect two attacked victim one. A witness who entered the restaurant stepped back and watched the assault. At one point, suspect two grabbed a meat tenderizer and began striking victim one with it. Suspect two then grabbed victim two's left hand and struck it with the meat tenderizer. The bones in victim two's middle finger were shattered by the blow. Several people from an upstairs barbershop came downstairs to watch the assaults. They stood at the foot of the steps and watched. After the assaults were over, the suspects walked upstairs to the barbershop.

"[Later, when we arrived at the scene,] the suspects had gone but [my partner] Officer Ellithorpe found the metal meat tenderizer (hammer) and placed it into evidence. SPD attended to victim one, who had several cuts on his face and pain throughout his entire body, and victim two, who had a broken middle finger on her left hand."

Mother Meatloaf/Germany and Lake City/Wed Sept 29/5:30 pm: "According to the victim," writes Officer Heintz, "the suspect is 16, has a bad complexion, and was once the boyfriend of the victim's daughter, who is presently visiting her older sister in Hannover, Germany where the older sister is currently stationed at a military base. The suspect with the bad complexion suddenly and unexpectedly sent an e-mail from Seattle to the sisters in Germany that stated, 'Tell your mother good-bye... Have you ever seen a human meatloaf? HA! HA! HA! BOOM! HA!' The suspect also wrote, 'This will happen before you get home from Germany for Thanksgiving. Don't think I don't know about C-4...' The younger daughter does not know how her former boyfriend got a hold of her sister's e-mail address in Germany. The mother explained that she sent her younger daughter to stay with the older sister in Germany to get her away from the [little cannibal]. The victim was advised to obtain an anti-harassment/no-contact order against the suspect as soon as possible."

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