"But finite spirit, in order to become truly spirit, has to come to self-consciousness. And in doing so he becomes aware of self over against the rest of the world and infinite spirit. This affirmation of self is original sin, it is the birth of evil…" --Charles Taylor, Hegel

The Birds/Seward Park/Fri April 8/4 pm: Officer Singleton reports: "Victim was at Seward Park feeding the birds. She was approached by the suspect [male, black, 30s, red sweatshirt and pants], who asked about the birds. She turned to look at him and saw him pulling down his [red] pants. She was alarmed and immediately left the location. She believes he arrived at the park in an older model rusty red four-door vehicle."

Sexual Nature/Downtown/Sat April 9/4:16 pm: Officer Martin J. Harris reports: "Officers contacted the suspect [black, male, 36] at the corner of Third Avenue and Pine Street, who was on [all fours] at the corner of this busy sidewalk with numerous pedestrians walking by. Suspect had one shoe off, and his pants were down around his knees with his buttocks exposed. Officers repeatedly told the suspect to pull his pants up, as many families were walking by and taking offense at his behavior. The suspect ignored our orders and sat on his knees, leaning forward with his exposed buttocks up in the air. The suspect was rocking back and forth with his buttocks exposed in a sexual nature.

"Officers again and again told the suspect to pull up his pants, as they were many young children present. The suspect again and again did not comply and was taken into custody."

Lawd Today/Rainer Valley/Sun April 10/5:30 pm: Officer Evans reports: "I was dispatched to investigate an assault that occurred at the Unity Church of God's parking lot. I contacted the victim [black, male, 14, son] and he told me the suspect [black, male, 49, father] came into the church and removed him from Sunday school. The suspect was angry with the victim [the reason why is not stated in the report]. The father grabbed the son by the arm and pulled him through the church and into the parking lot.

"Outside, the [father] started to yell more and more and then took off his belt and began to hit [his son] repeatedly. The [son] fell to the ground and pretended to be seriously injured, so that [his father] would stop hitting him. When the [son] started getting up, the [father] hit him on the head several times with the belt. The [son] said he was going to die and the [father finally] stopped hitting him.

"The [father] sat down on the curb and asked his son to sit next to him. [The father then] told [his son] that he would be fine and not to worry. A witness [black, female, 46] of the [terrible] incident called 911. SPD responded to the scene and treated [the son] for a laceration on the head. The [son] was transported to Valley Medical Center. The father later turned himself in at the South Precinct. Officer Settle placed the [father] into handcuffs and read him his Miranda rights… Officer Settle placed the belt into evidence."

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