The Devastation/Sand Point/Sun May 27/3:02 pm: Officer Gardea reports: "Officer Anderson and I were dispatched to an apartment complex in the [Sand Point] area to investigate a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, we observed two children playing in the driveway, and we found out that they were the complainant/witness's children (one was 4, the other 12). When the CW found out that we had arrived, she immediately ran down the outside stairs to let us know what had happened. The CW was visibly shaking and told us that she had found child pornography on her computer.

"CW went on to give me a list of child pornography websites she had found on her computer. CW said that she and her kids were at the Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center the entire day yesterday, while the suspect [her boyfriend] stayed in the apartment by himself. This morning when the CW got onto the internet, she looked at the website history for yesterday and saw that the suspect had gone to approximately 10 child pornography websites. The CW said that she got into a couple of the websites and saw children in provocative poses.

"She became concerned for her children and asked both of them if the suspect had ever done or attempted any sexual acts with them. Both said no. (The suspect had taken care of her children by himself in the past.)

"CW said that she confronted the suspect today about it, but he said he did not look at any website like that. CW then called the police.

"We went upstairs to the apartment and we met with the suspect while he was lying in his bed. I read him his Miranda rights and he understood them... Officer Anderson ran the suspect for warrants, but he was clear. I told suspect that CW was not comfortable with him because of what she had found and that it would be better for all if he found another place to stay while they investigated the matter. He refused to leave. This was his apartment, he paid the rent, he was going nowhere. I asked the CW if she had another place that she could stay. She had no place to go, and just wanted the suspect out of the apartment.

"The CW and the suspect refused to leave the apartment. I gave both of them my business card and we took the Compaq computer and turned it in to evidence." Once you know for sure that the man in your life (a husband, a boyfriend, a lover) is a man who really wants to have sex with children, everything is over. Nothing can be recovered from the relationship; it's all one big loss. Every word he said, every moment you shared with him, every kiss, all of the walks at dusk, the laughter over meals, the joys of summer sex... all turn sour at the very instant you see the type of porn that turns him on. recommended