South Seattle/Mon Oct 12/4:22 am:

Officer Juan Ornelas reports: "I arrived at the restaurant in response to an assault incident. I contacted victim. He stated that earlier in the night he had kicked out a black male from the premises for being too intoxicated. The victim stated the male returned and threw a rock through the front glass window. The rock broke the glass and then hit the victim on the top of his head. Victim stated he does not know the suspect, who wore all blue clothing and has dreadlocks. Victim also stated he saw the suspect run south on Rainier Ave South. Officers completed an area check but they were not able to locate the suspect."

Madison Park/Wed Oct 14/7:41 am:

Officer Darik Denherder reports: "I was dispatched to an assault that occurred at 42nd Ave East. I arrived at the assault location and contacted the victim and witness. They both said the following: Suspect walked up to an employee of [an unnamed business] and started to hit his head with a rock. The rock was about the size of an orange. The suspect (black/male/50s, 5'8"/170/balding, wearing a light blue denim jacket with white fur around the collar) then put the rock in his jacket pocket and left S/B on 42nd Ave East. The victim had about an inch and a half laceration on the top of his head and a bump on the back of his head."

A comment on the reports:

In a Sunday Times article ("America's Bloody Hunt for Bin Laden in Mad Max Territory") published in 2003, an American soldier (Sergeant Don Kenitzer) described Afghanistan in this way: "Nothing grows here but terrorists and rocks." A place that has lots of rocks is very different from our part of the world—a place that cannot be reduced to rocks (or terrorists, for that matter). This is why the above reports strike us as strange. Both are all about rocks, and rocks are not the first things that come to mind in a mental picture of this place, this corner of the United States. Clouds, rain, bodies of water, trees—yes. Rocks? We have them, but we never notice them. Rocks do not grow here.