Freeway Park/Mon Oct 19/2:58 am:

This report was filed by Officer Christopher Myers: "Seattle Police received reports of a group of 7–8 males who were robbing people at knifepoint in Freeway Park. Multiple police units responded and began an area check in the park.

"Eventually, we found a victim who was lying nonresponsive and unconscious on the street in the 1400 block of Hubbell Place. Officer Feldman and Officer Jones went to the victim and provided aid. The victim had suffered an injury to the head and was disoriented. Victim was able to relate that he was approached by a female on the stairs near Hubbell Place. The female asked him for a cigarette. When he said no, he was suddenly surrounded by three to four suspects, mostly male. They then attacked him and took his backpack. The victim had a difficult time describing the suspects, but recalled that they looked very young.

"Additional bystanders pointed up the stairs from Hubbell Place to Union Street and said that the suspects, three males and three females, had gone up to Union Street. When Officer Myers and Officer Hunt drove to the top of the stairs, the suspects were walking eastbound on Union Street approaching Boren Avenue. The group broke into a run when the marked patrol car approached. A white male (b. 1986) ran eastbound carrying a black backpack. A white male (b. 1990) ran eastbound. A third unidentified male also ran eastbound wearing a dark oversize jacket. Three women—an Indian female (b. 1990), a white female (b. 1995), and a black female (b. 1991)—­followed along behind, also running. But obviously impaired due to intoxication, they were not able to move rapidly.

"All six disobeyed direct orders from uniformed police officers to stop and get on the ground. Suspect one discarded the backpack he was carrying at the NW corner of Union Street and Boren Avenue, as he turned to go northbound on Boren Avenue. He was eventually captured. Suspect two was also captured. The third male escaped eastbound from Boren Avenue. The three women were also stopped in the 1400 block of Boren Avenue.

"When stopped, Officer Hunt found that suspect one was carrying an illegal 'butterfly' knife with a 4-inch blade, prohibited as a dangerous weapon under SMC 12A.14.080. The backpack was found and suspects were positively identified by witnesses. The backpack and personal items were returned to witness..."

To begin with: Despite the many dangers of Freeway Park, despite its eerie maziness, I still rate it as the most important and stimulating park in this city. No amount of crime will stop me from loving this strange and often dark place.

To end with: Yet another report that shows the racial diversity of the underworld. During the day, one race dominates the tops of the skyscrapers that rise above the park. Far down below, under the trees, in the dark, on the concrete, diversity thrives. recommended