“Dusk was thickening” is one of the few flourishes I added to this report by Officer Pomper: “Officers were dispatched to the report of a person with a weapon at Baker Avenue Northwest. Seattle Fire Department came across a disturbance between the suspect and two victims. While en route to the call, officers were told that a gun of some kind was seen and the suspect’s location was not known. Once on the scene, arriving officers contained the exterior of the house. While interviewing victim one, it was learned how the incident unfolded before the officer arrived.

Victim one said he had recently done some drywall work for the suspect and was owed $750. Victim one and his coworker (victim two) drove in a company van to the suspect’s house to ask for payment. Victim one parked the vehicle and walked up to the door of the suspect’s home and knocked. Victim two remained in the van. The dusk was thickening and from the low, heavy clouds a film of light rain fell. The suspect looked down from a balcony to see who was at his door. A pit bull was also on the balcony. The suspect and the dog looked down at victim one. The suspect then came downstairs and answered the door with three-foot-long sword. The suspect then chased victim one down the walkway. Victim one ran to the company van.

The coworker stepped from the van to see what was going on. The suspect then turned his attention on the coworker, victim two, and charged at him. Victim two retrieved a broomstick from the van to defend himself from the attack. At some point, the suspect slashed the broomstick and cut victim two on the leg. Victim one ran to a neighboring house in the area, yelling for help. The day was on the verge of night, lawns were soggy and squishy, and the slick street mirrored the streetlamps, which had just come on and spun electric webs of light on the black skin of the winter-nude, rain-coated branches of trees that threw a skein of shadows on the homes that lined the short Ballard road.

Victim two was now in the driver’s seat of the van, attempting to drive away. The suspect began attacking the van with his sword. The suspect broke the sword, ran back to his house, and returned with a crossbow. The suspect pointed the crossbow at victim two. The suspect then fired the crossbow and the bolt struck and shattered the passenger-side window. The victim drove to a position of safety as the suspect continued to fire the crossbow.

Support The Stranger

SFD arrived and observed the suspect with the weapon. SFD instructed the suspect to return it to his home, which he did. Arriving officers contained the house and made initial attempts to call the suspect via the fire truck’s PA. The officers got no response. SWAT, HNT, and H&R were called to the scene… After a long standoff, the suspect was taken into custody. Sgt. Gilson screened the arrest and suspect was booked into KCJ.”