Northgate/Mon Nov 9/10:31 pm:

Officer Joel Gingrey reports: "Complainant called in from Second Avenue Northeast reporting a nonforced burglary to her residence. She told the call taker that she suspected her middle son of entering the house because of prior instances... [When I arrived, she] escorted me to an upstairs bedroom where she reported the following: Her middle son has been angry with her older son for the past one and a half years, suspecting that he killed his dog with a bow and arrow. She suspects the middle brother came to the house tonight looking for the older brother, and after finding no one home, he damaged blown glass art. She reported that the middle son lives elsewhere, but he has a key to the house and is welcome here. She reported that the middle son has assaulted the older son in the past.

"I contacted the older son downstairs, where he was watching television. He reported the following: His brother has held a grudge against him for over a year and in one instance broke a glass over his head, sending him to the emergency room unconscious. He stated that this (the broken blown glass art) is the third instance, with two assaults in the past. He appeared upset about this and didn't give me a reason for the grudge. [The mother] reported the broken blown glass art was valued at over $3,000 and also reported two gold necklaces with pendant missing..."

I wish the cop in this report spent a little more time investigating that dead-dog story. Did the older brother kill the middle brother's dog with a bow and arrow? If so, when and why? Was it a big dog? Was it a small dog? And did the middle brother see the arrow fly and strike its target—dog down, the tip buried in its flesh, fletching pointing to the sky? These are the things we want to know.

Rainier Valley/Sun Nov 22/5:03 pm:

Officer Deanna Clouse reports: "I was dispatched to a purse-snatch call at South Orcas Street. Upon my arrival, I contacted victim. She stated that she was walking home from church. At the intersection of 39th Avenue South and South Orcas Street, an unknown male approached her from behind and pushed her to the ground. She lost her balance and fell forward, landing on her hands and knees. The suspect then ripped her purse from her arm and ran southbound on 39th Avenue South. She believed that the suspect got into a white sedan. There is no further description of this vehicle. No other details are known because the suspect approached her from behind. She stated that she was carrying a white tote bag with small flowers on it. Inside the tote bag was a square, beige fabric purse with a shoulder strap. Inside her beige purse she had an umbrella, a house key, her driver's license, debit and credit cards, $40 cash, a pearl rosary, and papers from church."

I can only think of the words sung by Tori Amos: "God, sometimes you just don't come through." recommended