The Master's Bedroom/Capitol Hill/Wed Jan 25/12:35 pm: Officer Enriquez Reports: "The computer programmer's housecleaner entered his apartment to clean it up. She called for him but got no answer. She walked toward the master bedroom and as she got closer she could smell blood. When she peered into the master bedroom she saw her employer lying at the foot of the bed with a large amount of blood near his head. She became hysterical and called the building manager's office. The assistant manager answered the call, responded to the apartment, and saw what the cleaner saw: the computer programmer lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He called for SFD/SPD assistance.

"Officer Enriquez and Officer Saudin responded to the scene. After the scene was declared secured, the responding firefighter staff arrived and saw the computer programmer lying at the foot of the bed in a pool of blood. They called the King County Medical Examiner's Office, and the ME responded to the scene and saw the computer programmer lying at the foot of the bed in a pool of his own blood. The scene was relinquished to the ME's office. The investigating officers remained at the scene until the ME completed his task."

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Officer Enriquez's report also comes with a detailed drawing of the terrible scene. Fans of the French novelist and screenplay writer Alain Robbe-Grillet, the leading practitioner of the nouveau roman movement, which began in the '50s and died before the end of the '60s, will certainly see similarities between his famous style (writing at "zero degree," as the leading theoretician of the nouveau roman, Roland Barthes, called it) and my description of Officer Enriquez's drawing.

The master bedroom has two closets. One, on the right side of the bedroom's door, is small; the other, near the left side of the bedroom's door, is large. Directly in front of the large closet is a freestanding mirror. Next to the freestanding mirror is a couch. Next to the couch is a dresser. Next to the dresser is a small tree. Behind the small tree, the dresser, the couch, and the freestanding mirror runs a wall. Directly in front of the small tree and the dresser is a king-sized bed. On either side of the king-sized bed are end tables, and part of the bed's cover is pulled back, revealing the sheet. A box of shotgun shells sits near the right corner of the king-sized bed. A body is crouched between the dresser and the bed. A shotgun is next to the body. The muzzle of the gun is pointed at the body's head. The head faces the small tree beside the dresser. There is a smaller dresser in the master bedroom. It's opposite the couch, between an end table and the small closet next to the bedroom's door. In front of the small dresser is brain matter. Just beyond the main door is a skull fragment. The entire room is splattered in blood.