To Live in Peace, Columbia City, Tue Aug 21, 10:09 pm: Officer Evans reports: "I was working uniformed patrol in a two-officer marked SPD patrol car with my partner Officer Anderson as unit 3 Robert 35. At about 2106, we responded to South Dawson Street and contacted a victim. The victim told me the following. The victim had been in a dating relationship with the suspect for about 10 years in Boston, Massachusetts. The victim and suspect ended the relationship about five and a half years ago. Victim and suspect were not married, but did live together.

"Once the relationship was over, suspect began sending victim letters and e-mails. Victim described the letters as being [graphic]. Suspect never threatened victim, but she told me that she was afraid he would never let her live in peace. Victim contacted the police at MIT and explained the situation to them. Victim did not have a copy of the MIT case number, but she could get it.

"The suspect moved from Boston to Phoenix, Arizona, about two years ago with his new wife and two children. The victim moved to Seattle about a year ago, and did not tell suspect when and where she was going.

"Last week, victim received a birthday card from the suspect. Suspect knew her new address in Seattle. Victim told me that none of her friends would have given the suspect her address, so he must have thoroughly researched where she lived. Today, victim sent the suspect's wife several copies of the [graphic] letters that he sent her to make sure the wife was aware of the situation. I advised victim to petition for an antiharassment order and to hire an attorney."

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The Man from Spokane, Downtown, Tue Aug 21, 11:25 am: Officer Biggs reports: "I was dispatched to a harassment call at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse on Fifth Avenue. I spoke with the complainant/victim, the senior executive assistant in the judicial chambers. He said that almost daily for the past one and a half weeks, suspect had been calling the judicial chambers repeatedly. C/V has assisted suspect as much as he could. He told the suspect that there was nothing else his office could do for him. C/V advised suspect to call the city attorney. Suspect, however, keeps calling back saying the city attorney won't help him. Suspect keeps calling and naming judges and commissioners that he intends to bring civil lawsuits upon. Suspect repeatedly calls from his home in Spokane. Suspect repeatedly faxes from his home in Spokane." The suspect is driving the senior executive assistant nuts, and that is his whole purpose. He does not want a solution, for the law to recognize and properly process his concerns—that's what a normal man wants. The man in Spokane, however, is mad to begin with, and so what he wants at the end of the day is to make another person (or other persons) as nuts as he is. Even in Spokane, madness loathes isolation. recommended