Capitol Hill/Sun Feb 7/12:36 am: Officer Alvaro Ferreira reports: "The complainant reported that the attack had taken place at about 0030 hours in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. I arrived and contacted complainant, who reported to me that his roommate was the victim. He advised me that the victim spoke very little English, but that he would translate for us. Victim stated that he was attacked by a group of four unknown males. He had just left a nightclub and was walking by himself in the 1300 block of 13th Avenue toward East Madison Street.

"As he passed a dark parking lot, he was accosted by four unknown males who pushed him to the ground and began kicking him. During the assault, the males were yelling racial slurs at victim. They said phrases like "black motherfucker," "black ass," and other references to victim's race. Victim tried to protect his head during the attack, but he was kicked in the head once or twice and repeatedly in the back and torso.

"He tried to defend himself and recalled kicking one of the males. The males ran off through the parking lot when they noticed other people were walking nearby.

"Victim stated he was sore but did not think he was seriously hurt. He declined medics and stated he would see a doctor if the soreness persisted or if he felt worse later.

"Victim stated he was not able to get a real good look at his assailants, but described them as appearing to be Hispanic. He was not sure if they were Hispanic, because he did not detect an accent in their speech. Victim further described the males as wearing dark baggy clothes and ball caps. Victim stated he might be able to recognize one of the males if he saw them again, but he wasn't sure. He said the assailants did not take anything from him, nor did they exchange any words or conversation before they assaulted him. Victim was given the case number and advised a report would be written about the incident."

Though this is a sad story, and one hopes the criminals are captured and punished, it's wise for us not to separate it from another incident that took place two nights before, on February 5, at another location, in the Central District, and involved another black immigrant, this time from Sudan. In that report, however, the black immigrant attacked and beat an innocent person—his girlfriend and mother of his child. After the beating, which was as brutal (hitting, slapping, spitting, kneeing) as the one that happened on 13th Avenue, the Sudanese suspect was arrested and taken to the East Precinct. There he pompously justified his attack on the grounds that his culture, Dinka warrior culture, permitted men to beat their women. What we see is that the black immigrant from Sudan is no better than the white (or Hispanic) men who beat the black immigrant on Capitol Hill. Evil (which is always the will to oppress others) does not discriminate. recommended