Central District/Fri April 2/10:20 pm: Officer Joseph Renick reports: “At approximately 2005 hours, I responded to a call to remove a trespasser from a house that is managed by Sound Mental Health. The complainant works for Sound Mental Health and manages the property. The complainant stated that the residence should have been unoccupied and that the front-door locks had been changed since the last tenant had been evicted. Complainant stopped by the recently vacated residence at roughly 1845 hours to check on the residence before he headed home. Complainant noticed that there was a light on inside the residence, and when he tried the front door handle, he found it to be unlocked. Complainant entered the residence and saw a short, thin black female roughly 25 years old exit the kitchen. The female took one look at complainant and quickly walked out the open front door and left in an unknown direction.

“Complainant stepped to the rear bedroom and saw another black female and instantly recognized her to be the prior tenant. The suspect’s eviction was effective on 03-05-10. Complainant said to suspect: ‘You need to leave.’ Suspect looked at him and said, ‘You want a hit?’ Complainant walked outside and called the police.

“As complainant waited for the police to arrive, a white, early 2000s or late 1990s minivan, possibly a Ford or Chevy, pulled up to the front of the residence. Complainant saw suspect exit the residence and climb into the back of the minivan. Suspect then exited the van a few minutes later and went back inside the residence.

“Officers Okruhlica and Fitzgerald arrived and contacted suspect as she sat on the floor of the back bedroom. Suspect looked up at the officers and said, ‘Come on in, I need some sex.’ The officers then gave suspect simple commands to stand up and to put down the crumpled bus schedule that she was holding in her left hand. Suspect was noncompliant with the commands, so the officers took her into custody… Two small rocks of crack cocaine were located within the folds of the crumpled bus schedule that the suspect had been holding.

“I read the Miranda warnings to suspect, but she seemed not to care and said, ‘Give me my crack back!’ I said no and informed her that she would be going to jail tonight. She said: ‘No, the Lord told me I would be sitting here smoking tonight.’”

The suspect in this report is in a state of bliss. She has no worries whatsoever. The world that is so heavy for us (with its laws, prohibitions, limits, duties) is for her nothing more than a breeze on which her life floats with the lightness of a butterfly’s wing. It only takes a few hits to utterly destroy the hard and fast walls/laws of reality. With the help of the Lord, and a few hits off a crack pipe, a human becomes “a rare and gentle thing.” recommended