Barely Breathing under the Viaduct/Downtown/Wed April 19/10:10 pm: "This is our third OD in two hours," said the concerned paramedic to Officer Doucet, who had just arrived under the viaduct in Belltown. "Another unit treated two other ODs, and Harborview says they have seen possibly 14 overdoses today." At that moment, Officer Doucet noticed a known prostitute and heroin addict, and approached her. "I was the one who called about the OD," she confessed when he questioned her. "I warned him that there might be some bad heroin out on the street right now. It's diesel dope, gasoline dope, flesh-eating dope."

"Be more specific!" Office Doucet said, frustrated by the dense mist of street slang.

"Gasoline dope is also known as flesh-eating dope. It's fake heroin. It may have a little heroin in it to camouflage the vinegar smell that it gives off, but there is so little heroin in it that you can't get high from it. I'm not sure how it is made, but when shooting up, if you miss the vein and inject tissue or muscle instead, it will eat your flesh."

"Do you know the man?" asked Officer Doucet, turning his attention to the dying man underneath the roaring viaduct. "No, he just seemed very nice and I was so scared that he might die," said the prostitute. After the paramedics loaded the dying man into the ambulance, Officer Doucet returned to his car and ran a check on the OD's name: He had a "no contact order" out against him. The OD was then transported to Harborview Medical Center, where he may or may not have lived to see the next day.

Who Is Selling?/Downtown/Tues April 25/3:40 pm: Undercover Detective Alm of the Seattle Police Department's narcotics section was posing as a dealer on the corner of First Ave. and Pike St. when a white male wearing a blue baseball cap and a red plaid jacket walked by and asked, "Who's selling? You selling?"

"Yes, I'm selling," said Detective Alm confidently. The man in the plaid jacket agreed to purchase one bundle of heroin for $16 and both walked into a dark alley where, after the exchange, Detective Alm made his arrest.

Are You a Cop?/Downtown/Tues April 25/4:00 pm: In a low voice, a man wearing a knit cap asked, "Do you have brown?"

"No, I got black," said Detective Sather, also using a low a voice. Both were standing on the 100 block of Union St.

"Okay, I need anything. I need to get well."

"I understand, man," said Detective Sather empathetically.

"You a cop?" asked the man in the knit cap. "I don't know you, and the other day I bought crack from a guy I didn't know and I got arrested for possession."

"No, I'm not a cop," replied Detective Sather. "I'm just new here, and trying to make some money."

"Cool," said the man in the knit cap. "Give me a quarter, then." The man in the knit cap handed the lying officer $20 and the cop handed him the heroin. Just as the man in the knit cap was about to walk away, the detective arrested him and took him to King County Jail for possession. Sgt. Vandergiessen screened the arrest.

Wilson and Wollberg/Downtown/Mon May 15/2:30 pm: Undercover Officers Wilson and Wollberg entered a bar on Second Ave., looking to buy some narcotics. Wilson was the undercover observer and Wollberg the undercover buyer. Wilson posted himself at the bar, while Wollberg tried to contact a drug dealer. After several attempts, Wollberg finally met a dealer who said he could provide her with drugs, but that he didn't have any at the time. "But be really careful," he said rather loudly, "there are undercovers all over the [fucking] place!" Sensing that their game was up, both Wilson and Wollberg left the bar in fear of the danger and hostility the cunning drug dealer exposed them to.

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