At Home/Lake City/Mon June 26/2:37 pm: Officer Kane writes: "I contacted the victim who relayed the following: She had her front door ajar because she had carpet installers in her house when the suspect walked in and stood in the foyer area. He asked her where [John] was. She knew the suspect was referring to the previous owner of her house and that he had died two years ago. She told the suspect that [John] died two years ago. He continued to try and make small talk with her. He then left.

"At 2:00 p.m., the victim's friend was sitting at the dining-room table working on his computer and the victim's husband was at the kitchen sink washing dishes when the suspect walked up to the dining-room window and started waving at the victim's friend. This startled the victim's friend. The victim also came into the kitchen area and saw the suspect. The victim, victim's husband, and victim's friend went outside and followed the suspect. The suspect walked over to the victim's recycle bin and tipped it over. A milk carton spilled out. The suspect picked it up and told them the milk carton did not belong in the recycle bin. The victim told him otherwise. The suspect continued on about the carton not belonging in the recycle bin. The suspect grabbed the carton and walked off toward his house.

"The victim chatted with some of her neighbors who said she should report the two incidents from today or at least have it documented because it will show the suspect's strange behavior... The victim agreed with the advice and called 911.

"The victim reported that the suspect has lived in the neighborhood for the past seven years, but it's only been since April 2006 that the neighbors have seen his strange behavior. The victim went on to say that she has had three prior incidents where she saw the suspect doing strange things. One time she saw him carry a mattress out into the street, lay it down, and start jumping on it. She also saw him roll down a hill in the front of his house, out into the street, and nearly get hit by a car. Another time, she saw him walking around the neighborhood late at night looking disheveled and yelling out to no one in particular. She has also seen him talking to himself.

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"I gave the victim a business card. I did not make contact with the suspect."

The thing that is most disturbing in this report is not the madman, nor the dead man, but the description of a marriage that has attained a living standard, a way of being, that is absolutely domestic. The life of the couple is the life of their home; and the life of the home is the life of the couple. The installation of a new carpet, the washing of dirty dishes, the disposal of trash, the maintenance of friendships and relationships with neighbors—against this perfected order of happiness the madman and the dead man are essentially powerless. All they can do is occasionally, very mildly, shock the rhythms of totalized housekeeping.

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