art cred: jack pollock

Your Choice, Rainier Valley, Tues Sept 18, 3 pm: Officer Lisle reports: "I was dispatched to investigate a [difficult situation] involving a 13-year-old female. I arrived at the South Seattle Precinct and contacted complainant and the attorney representing her and the victim. The victim had run away from home with her cousin, age 17, about two months ago. Victim was introduced to suspect one, suspect two, suspect three, suspect four, suspect five, suspect six, and suspect seven. All of the suspects are members of a gang. To join the gang, suspect one gave the victim the option of either being jumped by female members of the gang or having sex with all of the male members of the gang. She chose to be jumped.

"The victim's cousin, however, was arrested sometime in August, and the victim felt alone in the gang and wanted to return home. When she told suspect one that she wanted to return home, he warned her that if she tried to leave, the gang would hurt her or kill her... The suspect was able to get out of the gang and returned home." The humiliation (and destruction) of the individual is the goal of all gang initiations.

Army Arrangement, Downtown, Tues Sept 18, 1 pm: Officer Britt reports: "The victim got a ride to Seattle [from Fort Lewis] with witnesses and suspect. Witness one was the driver. Of the four, only the victim was female. All were soldiers in the U.S. Army.

"After lunch at Hooters on South Lake Union, the four decided to go downtown. They went to a hotel, the Hilton, and [while doing something that is not defined in the report] the victim went to the restroom. The bathroom was a one-person ladies room. After a few moments, she heard someone entering the code on the door and saw it open. She jumped up and saw the suspect was trying to push the door open. She tried to hold the door closed, but the suspect was able to push the door open and shoved her in the chest against the wall. The suspect began trying to pull her pants down. Witness two came in and said to the suspect: 'You trippin', man! You trippin', man! Leave her alone!' The suspect replied, 'Fuck you. I got this. I'm gonna teach this bitch a lesson.' Witness two said, 'I have no part of this' and left. The victim kicked the suspect and was able to get out of the restroom and run away." Who is worse in this report, the suspect or witness two? The person who committed the crime or the person who could have helped the victim but wanted no part of it? recommended