My Man Boobs, Capitol Hill, Fri Oct 12, 1:22 am: Officer Halen reports: "This morning a regular customer entered the store [Kinko's] and went to the computers as he always does. The store attendant, a female, asked: 'How are you tonight?' The regular customer turned around and lifted the short skirt he was wearing and revealed his uncovered and fully exposed penis. The shocked store attendant told the regular customer that she was upset by what he had just done. He told her: 'You want to see my breasts?' She told him, 'No,' but he revealed his 'man boobs' to her anyway. He asked: 'What do you think of them?' He told her that he was having hormone treatments to become a female, but he felt his breasts appeared to be those of a chubby man. [He then drank some water and left the business.]

"The victim told me that the suspect always comes into the store dressed as a woman, and presents himself as a woman, but is clearly a man."

Hurt in the Laundromat, Capitol Hill, Tue Oct 9, 5:38 pm: Officer Andre reports: "She works at the Laundromat. About two months ago, she met suspect there. She was single at the time and told the suspect that she was not interested in dating anyone. He told her that that wasn't going to stop him from trying to date her. She thought his intentions were innocent until a recent conversation she had with him. He told her that he just got out of prison and had anger-management issues.

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"Today, the suspect showed up at her apartment looking for her, but her boyfriend was there at the time. The suspect did not know she had a boyfriend. The encounter between the suspect and the boyfriend was friendly. Tonight, however, the victim received two text messages from the suspect. One read: 'You know you got a good-looking dude....' The next read: 'Go to sleep knowin' you got a good-lookin' dude who can take a bullet for ya....'"

When the two first met, the suspect was told by the Laundromat employee that she was single but not interested in dating anyone. Meaning, she didn't want to date him because she was not dating at all and not because she found him undesirable. Two months later, the suspect discovers that she has a new boyfriend. This can only mean one thing: She didn't date him because she didn't find him desirable and not because she wasn't dating anyone. The truth? She was never attracted to him in a romantic way. That truth hurts. recommended