Taxi Driver, Belltown, Sat Nov 24, 11:30 pm: Officer Saewong reports: "Victim stated the following: He had transported suspect to a fancy Italian restaurant on Westlake Avenue, earning the fare of $9.50. The suspect gave him a $10 bill, but then became agitated when he did not receive over $1 change. The suspect's confusion occurred because the meter showed under $9 but a separate slip handed to customers explained a $1 increase for all fares. This apparently angered the suspect; he grabbed the victim's right arm and ripped the slip from his hand, tearing it in two. The suspect then entered the fancy Italian restaurant.

"While interviewing the victim in front of the restaurant, suspect came outside to contact us. He stated the following: The cabbie did not take the most direct route to his requested destination, and he charged a different amount from that displayed on the meter. He denied assaulting the cabbie. He called the cabbie a liar.

"Victim was upset by this incident, and started crying during the interview...."

Is there a sight more sorry than that of a cabdriver crying? What do such tears tell us? This person is in the wrong profession. The job of driving strangers around the city is not for those whose hearts are soft and nerves are feeble. If you are not made of stone, if your heart is not a rock, if your head is not a block of concrete, if your nerves are not made of iron, then do not consider this line of trying and impersonal work.

Feel the Pain, Downtown, Sat Nov 24, 2:47 am: Officer Liston reports: "She had been attacked and was bleeding... She had been stabbed several times by numerous suspects... SFD determined that she had been cut and beaten badly... She stated that the incident began in Tukwila, at the Boulevard Motel, over a drug deal that had gone bad. The assault/beating/stabbing occurred in a car while she was being driven up to and around Seattle... She was hit with a bottle, Tased with a Taser, punched, stabbed with a knife, and hit with a silver handgun by four suspects (three males, one female)... Once out of the car, which had stopped at Lake Washington Boulevard, one suspect tried to take her down to a lake and throw her in. She stated the drug deal had gone bad. The dealers blamed her for setting them up to lose money. She was taken to HMC for her injuries."

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The question that always enters our mind when reading a report like this—a report about a brutal assault or beating—is how much pain can the human body take? What is the pain limit of a body? It's not the same for all. Some can take a lot; others can take only a little. But for most, to be Tased, stabbed, punched, and pistol-whipped seems too much for the body to endure. recommended