The Long Report, Lake City Way, Wed Dec 5, 3 am: The long report begins with this statement: "I'm [Chris Young] a detective in the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit. The victim called the office to report that his former girlfriend, the suspect, was married to two other men at the same time. The victim then e-mailed the following account of the events."

This is the middle of the long report: "The fourth page is a marriage certificate (to her first husband) and she was married to her second husband, but never told the first husband (nor the King County Superior Court nor Immigration and Naturalization Service nor Citizenship and Immigration Services nor the Department of Homeland Security). Clearly she and the second husband have committed marriage fraud. At a minimum, she should be at least voluntarily deported (and banned for life from reentering the U.S.)...."

This, quoting the victim, is the end of the long report: "I was very upset in August 2006 when I reported her to INS-CIS-DHS. I was not pleased to find that she was so reckless, having unsafe sex with (at least former) drug addicts, married men, and she went out of her way to lie to me so often about all she was up to. And she knew most people don't date married people, so she hid the truth of her ways from me for three years. She put her own economic goals above my own health, my own concerns, which I was very specific about when she told me in February–March 2004 that she was going to go forward with her sham INS marriage.

"I recently spoke to an immigration lawyer (last week) who told me the situation will be very messy, and could get very ugly, so I decided I should turn over the evidence I have now, so CIS can make its own decisions. If she does try to stay here, at least CIS is prepared to talk with her. I think she should be given a voluntary deportation as soon as possible. There is no good reason for doing all of these things to innocent people."

What does the report show us? How far a broken heart can fall. Indeed, we can see no end (bottom) to this man's suffering. The power of his pain and resentment is so strong that it shattered the walls of time (with its natural movement of a beginning, a middle, and an end), and he crashed into the wilderness of the eternal. At this point, no earthly institution (KCSC, INS, CIS, DHS) has the means to adequately punish his former lover; this is now a matter for forces that are beyond earthly/human time, for the gods. The victim's broken heart will not be satisfied until the gods do to her what they did to poor Prometheus. recommended