Ravenna/Sat July 17/1:11 pm: Officer John David Smith reports: "Victim and her friends were outside having a bake sale for [an animal shelter]... The listed suspect, described as a belligerent, mental, and 6-foot to 6-foot-4-inch tall male, approached the table where the victim had cookies and other pastries on display for sale. The suspect told victim that he wanted a cookie, but he didn't want to pay for it. At one point, the suspect lifted his shirt or jacket and displayed a silver and black barbecue fork that was tucked in his shorts. Victim said that she believed the suspect showed her the large fork to intimidate her into giving him some cookies.

"Eventually, the suspect walked off northbound on Roosevelt Way NE, while he waved his hands in the air and talked to himself. Other witnesses followed the suspect to the area of NE 70th, before they returned to the scene. I was unable to locate the suspect, but both victim and witness stated they most likely could identify the suspect on any given day."

The suspect is, of course, closely related to Forrest Gump. But, as we can see, some Gumps are really good people and others are not so good.

Aurora Avenue/Sat July 10/5:42 pm: Officer Aaron Kamalu reports: "Victim recently arrived in town from his home state of North Carolina. Victim was familiar with the motel located at 42 Aurora Ave N and thought that it would be a wonderful place to stay while he was in the Seattle area. While at the motel, victim met with suspect, [a male]. Victim did not know suspect's real name. Last night, victim decided to 'party' with a female that he met through the suspect. This female came over to victim's room and the two of them engaged in various sexual acts. While in the middle of one of these acts, this female got out of bed and unlocked the front door. According to victim, suspect barged into the room brandishing a silver revolver and demanded money from victim. Victim handed suspect exactly $350. Suspect then left the room and returned to his own unit upstairs. Victim went to a nearby phone to call for police assistance.

"I arrived at the Shell station and contacted victim. I returned with him to the motel and contacted suspect in his room. In the room, suspect was with the witness. Neither of them was in possession of a handgun or any large amount of money. Suspect stated that he knew of victim but denied taking his money. Witness stated that she was with suspect that night and vouched for his claim of innocence. I informed victim of our findings. He requested a ride downtown. I gave him a courtesy ride to the bus station. Victim stated that he was going to ask his [relative] in North Carolina to wire him money and that he would use it to purchase a bus ticket home."

Why stop in the middle of the sex act? Why not finish up and then commit the crime? If she stopped just before the act, just before sucking or fucking, then we could understand that she had no interest in having sex (with all of its risks and twists); all she wanted to do was rob him and get the hell out. That makes perfect sense. But once you are in the middle of sex, there's no going back, and so the more sensible thing to do at this point is to go all the way to the end, dress, open the door, and rob the satisfied man. recommended