Drugstore Child Porn/West Seattle/Tues Sept 11/10 am: At around 9 a.m., a woman walked into a Bartell Drugs in West Seattle and handed the attendants at the one-hour photo desk a roll of undeveloped film. An hour later, the attendants were alarmed by several images the photo machine processed. They called 911, and detained the woman when she returned for her questionable photos. Officer Matsumoto and his partner arrived at the store a few minutes later and spoke with the attendants, who showed them the photos, and then the woman, who explained that the nude eight-year-old girl in the pictures was her daughter. She adopted her at birth from China, and they always showered together. "I teach my daughter to be comfortable with her body," she explained, as the cops looked at the photos. Clearly, they had difficulty matching the images in the photos with the cool, reasonable tone of the suspect standing in front of them. Officer Hillis took the questionable photos into evidence and allowed the woman to purchase and keep the rest of the processed roll.

The Rest of Your Life/Downtown/Tues Sept 11/11 am: "You're going to see the stars for the rest of your life," said a man wearing a white polo shirt, khaki pants, a blue baseball cap, and sunglasses to a man who had a restraining order against him. "It won't be pretty, and you're not going to like [the stars]." He then stormed out of the restaurant where his obsession worked. A 911 call was placed, and the police did an area check for the violator, but were unable to locate him.

Fast Food Erection/Capitol Hill/Tues Sept 11/1:30 pm: The TV was on in the office of a Mexican fast-food restaurant, and two men were watching it, a general manager and his assistant. The assistant's back was to the general manager. Suddenly the general manager grabbed the unsuspecting assistant manager's hands and placed them on top of his head, then rubbed his hard penis against his assistant's ass. When the young assistant manager left work later that gloomy afternoon, he called the corporate headquarters of the fast-food restaurant and registered a complaint. He then called 911 and registered a complaint with the law. The police registered the complaint and wrote up this report, which it classified as an assault, but not a sexual assault.

The History of the Heart/Downtown/Tues Sept 11/2 pm: A woman walked into her employee's office and found him in the worst way. He was breathing heavily and clutching his chest as if he was trying to squeeze an ounce of life out of his desiccated ticker. She called 911, and 10 minutes later Medic 81 arrived and attempted to resuscitate the fading man. But no breath or beat returned. He died at exactly 2:14 p.m. The dead man, who had a history of heart disease, had his last end screened by Sergeant Lowe.

The End of a Bad Day/Magnolia/Tues Sept 11/7:10 pm: Officer Robinson writes: "[My partner and I] came upon a group of nine to 10 persons in attendance of an illegal beach fire. The suspect was among this group of people. She was sitting on a chair with a can of Budweiser beer in her hand." Officer Robinson warned the woman that drinking "in the park or any city park" was illegal, and ordered her to empty the can. The woman got up from her chair, took a few steps toward the fire, and began drinking from the can of beer. "You're under arrest," the cops said to the defiant beer drinker, then grabbed her arms and led her to the patrol vehicle. While in the car, the woman broke down and explained that she was not normal at the moment, that she was having a bad day. Indifferent Officer Robinson ran a check on her name on the cop computer (it came up with nothing), and informed her that a report would be written and charges brought against her for the liquor offense.

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