These excellent examples of original police literature were edited and perfected by the author of this column.

The Dangling Man/Greenwood/Sat Oct 13/10:15 pm: By author/officer Darren J. Long: "The two men (John B and John D) meet downtown on Oct 10, and decided to come up to the Green Lake Motel and share a small room. On the night of Oct 12, John B noticed John D was not a healthy man; he had a hard time walking around and breathing. John B described John D's breathing as 'taking one big breath and waiting a long time before he took the next big breath.' That night, John B helped John D lie down on the floor, and then gave him a pillow and a blanket. At around 2:30 am, B could hear D breathing.

John B awoke the next morning and saw John D was still on the floor. B left the room and bought coffee at a nearby café. When he returned, he decided to check D's pulse. He could not feel a pulse, but he couldn't believe that D was dead. B decided to go down the street to find something to eat. When he returned with a full belly, he found D in the same silent and still position, so he checked his pulse again. No pulse was found. B was now certain that D was dead, and called 911. Medical Investigator David Delgado Jr. responded to the scene."

The End of the Affair/Capitol Hill/Mon Oct 15/9:00 pm: By author/officer K. Belshay: "The female victim is an engineer for the Chicago-based global corporation Boeing. The male suspect was gainfully employed as an engineer for a local consulting firm. The pair had an affair. The affair ended amicably two years ago. Approximately six months after their breakup, however, the suspect quit his engineering job and started living on the streets. He changed and became someone the Boeing employee didn't know. Today at 2100 hrs, the Boeing employee's neighbor asked if she knew the stranger standing outside of her apartment. She looked outside her window and recognized her ex-lover. She confronted him.

The ex said he was glad that she was willing to talk to him, for he needed a resolution. 'What do you need a resolution for?' she asked, with infinite exasperation. The ex said he was afraid he would hurt her again. 'Again? I don't have any idea what you are talking about,' she said. 'You never hurt me.' He told her that he still loves her, and will try to let go, but she would have to work on it with him. She said goodbye and walked away. He began to cry. The Boeing employee is concerned that the suspect is having a mental breakdown, and she doesn't feel safe when he's lurking around."

The Real Cool Killers/Central District/Thurs Oct 18/1:57 am: By author/officer H. Dentinger: "On arrival, I noticed three damaged vehicles and the victim lying on his back on the sidewalk. The victim had blood on the front and side of his body, and a couple of holes in his tan sweater. At 0210 hrs, Seattle Fire arrived on the scene, cut the victim's sweater, and exposed three lacerations on his upper torso. One of the cuts was two inches deep. While rushing to the hospital in the ambulance, the victim, whose body was bloated with pain, told Officer Cockbain that an unknown person stabbed him. Upon arrival at Harborview Medical Center, the victim was immediately taken to the operating room. The victim's maroon Celica was impounded per request of Sgt. Tallman."

In a Lonely Place/Downtown/Thurs Oct 18/4:51 am: By author/officer K. Knox: "We responded to the report of a suspicious person living comfortably inside a parking garage attendant's booth. When we made contact with the suspect, she stated that she cleaned the interior of the booth in exchange for lodging. We didn't believe such an agreement existed, and transported her to the precinct for processing."

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