Taught and Trained/Downtown/Tues Oct 17/1:54 pm: Officer McLaughlin reports: "We received a call of 20 protestors trying to force their way into the building (333 Dexter Ave N, KING 5). I arrived and was met by a uniformed security guard. The guard pointed to suspect and said that he was refusing to leave. I then asked suspect if he would leave the building. Suspect told me he would not leave the building. I told suspect that if he refused to leave he would be arrested. Suspect again refused to leave... I took hold of suspect's right wrist and started to move it gently behind his back. He tightened up and pulled his arm close to his body... I did not let go of him. Suspect balled his hand into a fist and was trying to pull out of my grasp. I used a department taught and trained 'trigger thumb' technique to get suspect to bend his wrist forward, then put him into a department taught and trained 'gooseneck' pain compliance escort hold. I applied the downward pressure to suspect's right wrist. Suspect said, 'You're breaking my arm.' I released some of the pressure and asked suspect to move outside. Keeping the escort hold on suspect, we walked to my patrol car through a large crowd of chanting protestors... I then transported suspect to the West Precinct and placed him into a holding cell."

The Stairwell/University District/Tues Oct 17/2:40 pm: Office Marley reports: "Officers Page and Fulmer were working Unit #3U91. They contacted a driver for expired tabs. When the driver provided his name, I was called to the scene for they were aware I was looking for him... At the time of the traffic stop, I was working Unit #423 in a plainclothes capacity. I was conducting surveillance in the immediate vicinity of victim's house in the hopes that suspect would make an appearance and hopefully [I could] arrest him while he was committing a sexual act (indecent exposure). I responded to the location and immediately recognized suspect as one whom I had arrested several months ago for indecent exposure, at almost the same location.

"I then responded to victim's house and drove her to the scene of the traffic stop for a field show up. At this time, suspect was not in handcuffs and I advised victim to keep in mind that this may not be the correct suspect. Victim looked at suspect for about a minute or so and said, 'Now what do I do?' I asked her, 'Is this the guy?' To which she replied, 'Yes.' Suspect was placed under arrest for investigation of indecent exposure and was eventually transported to North Precinct where the incident and arrest was screened through Sergeant Lamb.

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"I then drove victim back and she pointed out the stairwell where she saw suspect. The stairwell is located right next to an open garage that is located on the west side of the street and about half a block north of victim's residence. This location is one of the many that suspect has used in the past. I photographed the stairwell and immediate vicinity and placed the digital flashcard into evidence for processing."