Always On My Mind/Belltown/Mon Jan 28/4:15 pm: Today, a 21-year-old Belltown woman received a call from a Bremerton man she dated over a year ago. The Bremerton man was friendly and explained that he was just back from deployment in Afghanistan. He then put an unknown man on the line. The unknown man said to the Belltown woman that her ex truly loved her, and thought about her all the time he was fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. The woman hung up the phone. The soldiers called her back, but she did not answer the phone.

Exactly What You Are/Downtown/Tues Jan 29/2:00 pm: Today, a stressed-out employee of a Pine Street restaurant received this poem (titled "Nobody's Friend") from an unknown person in central Washington: "My name is Gossip/I have no respect for justice/I maim without killing/I break hearts and ruin lives/I'm cunning and gather strength with age/My victims are helpless/They cannot protect themselves against me because I have no name and face/To track me down is impossible/The harder you try, the more elusive I become/I am nobody's friend/Once I tarnish a reputation/It is never the same/I topple governments and wreck marriages/I ruin careers and cause sleepless nights, heartaches, and indigestion/I make innocent people cry in their pillow/Even my name hisses Gossip/I make the headlines and the headaches!"

Beneath this unpolished poem, the suspect/writer had these instructive comments for his victim/reader: "Replace the Gossip [with your own name] and this is exactly what you are. We know where [you] live and work and this is far from over you little faggot!! And you thought New York had problems."

A Policy of Truth/Central District/Tues Jan 29/11:08 pm: Officer Litalien was patrolling South Seattle when he saw a suspicious woman standing in the middle of 28th Ave S. As this is a "high prostitution area," he pulled over and asked the woman what she was doing in the middle of the street. "Looking for customers," she said frankly. Officer Litalien then asked her if she was selling narcotics or sex. "I usually sell drugs, but I'm all out, and ain't got no money, so I'm selling my body." Then Officer Litalien asked her if she was under the influence. "Yes, crack, but I smoked it all up." She then explained that she was on active probation for a robbery she committed last year, and that she lived in West Seattle. Officer Litalien advised her to return to West Seattle and promised to contact her probation officer about this unsatisfactory incident. The prostitute laughed at Officer Litalien and replied, "Ain't nothing they can do. I pass my pee test every week, even though I'm high all week, but I ain't telling you how."

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