ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A magical and mysterious land called Open Circle Theater. This was the home of Poona the Fuckdog and all her woodland friends--and Poona has lots of friends. This wasn't always the case. Once upon a time Poona was a very lonely fuckdog, indeed. That is, until her Fairy God Phallus taught her to play a fun game with her big pink box, and then she became one popular fuckdog. One day, Poona traveled to the Kingdome of Do (where nobody did) and had some fabulous adventures. She met the king, an all-powerful television set who ruled the land. She also met Suzy-Suzy the Cyber Assassin, a little girl who could kill with her personal computer, and a couple of lost space aliens who tossed around the two most offensive words in the English language like a Frisbee. She even got to talk with God! Now Poona is an old, old fuckdog and wants to share her story with you.

Described as "bedtime stories for grown-ups" by Open Circle's Artistic Director Scott Bradley, Poona the Fuckdog and Other Plays for Children is that and so much more. It is an X-rated morality play that touches upon every evil of American society: sexuality reduced to commodity, rampant consumerism, slavery to mass media, the desensitization of children through animated violence, consequence-free murder, nuclear holocaust, racism, classism, and all that other fun junk. And it does this without ever reducing itself to wagging its finger in your face. Poona reinvents every social cliché as if it were a naughty and very funny joke told by an intelligent kindergartner. It is smart, bold, and insightful, poignant without being preachy and meaningful without being sappy. Not to mention shit-yourself hysterical.

From the quaint and effective set and masterful sound and lighting effects to the brilliant ensemble cast that understands, and consistently delivers, intelligent, cutting-edge humor, everything about Open Circle's Poona is first class. Karen Gruber is adorable as Poona and Brandon Whitehead is hilarious as the Fairy God Phallus, while scene-stealing Sean Eagon and Kim Nyhous brought the house down as the wayward aliens. Written by Jeff Goode and directed by Basil Harris, Poona the Fuckdog is two hours of theater magic that will go down in infamy.

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