The Apocalypstics with Jimmy Flame & the Sexy Boys, DJ Deutscher Meister
Fri Nov 29, Sit & Spin

This isn't really such a great poster. It's just your traditional format with a list of band and DJ names, date-time-and-price, a picture of some weird chicks, and some radio station and club logos floating in the corners. However, this is without a doubt the poster of the week.

Why? Because the band name at the top of the poster is the best band name ever. It's a great band name because it's so simple and perfect that you can't believe it hasn't been used before. (Sorta like, you couldn't believe Sonic Youth was the first rock band to record a song called "Teenage Riot.")

I mean, come on, the Apocalypstics. What a groovy pop pun for capturing the teen-confusion combo of glee and gloom that defines rock music's eternal loveliness. The only band monikers from the entire history of rock music that rival the Apocalypstics for capturing rock's true identity are the following five: the Flamin' Groovies, the Dead Boys, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, DJ Spooky, and Black Sabbath. JOSH FEIT

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