This column occasionally includes such thrilling and universally stimulating subjects as typographical continuity (WOW!), effective printing methods (FASCINATING!!), and a recent fave—whether or not art should respond to band names (WHEEEE!!!!). Since you're on the edge of your seat, I'd like to turn your attention to this adorable and clever illustration by Alyson Redding. It's on a poster for the Can't See, the Fleet Foxes, and Tiny Vipers. Pictured are elements from each band on the bill: a boy covering his eyes, curious foxes, and a couple of small snakes. Alyson's children's-book illustration style puts the cherry on the cute cake. CORIANTON HALE

The Can't See

w/the Fleet Foxes, Tiny Vipers

Feb 6, Chop Suey

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