This poster is a baffling disappointment. When designing a poster for ex-prostitute/rapper/sex symbol Mickey Avalon, the visual resources and metaphors are infinite. This sick motherfucker raps about his dick, bulimia, cocaine, hustling, murder, rusty razor blades, and butt-raping your brother. His record includes such prime quotes as "I'll sperm in your perm, leave cigarette burns on your tits" and "Mickey Avalon, dick thick as a baton/Pissing in the fruit punch with a baby-blue tuxedo on." But the poster has a picture of a guy crying and a broken skateboard! What? I just don't get it. There's certainly no need to explain a band with your poster art, but it's nice when it seems like the designer has at least HEARD the band! On top of all this, the colors are so low-contrast it's kinda hard to even see Mickey's name. Yikes. Despite this uninformed poster, you don't want to miss a rapper who will break your mother's back if you step on his Chucks.

w/the Saturday Knights, NRDLNGR featuring
Biggie Tights, Bobcats

Sun Sept 17, Chop Suey