How to tell a Nat Damm poster apart from the rest: (1) Classic balance. Nat tends to go symmetrical, big central images, type sandwiched above and below. This is a tried-and-true poster composition that dates back to the dawn of time. (2) Attention to texture. Nat won't slap some awful modern typeface over a lino-cut or a dirty drawing. He integrates the look of the letterforms with the look of the lines. (3) Same font throughout. Nat tends to stick to one typeface, which I think is a bit limiting, but it's safe, and better than poor type combinations. You can catch his show at Bazr Gallery through September 30. Sick of hearing about Nat Damm? Show me your work:

Man Man

w/The Lights, Fleet Foxes

Thurs Sept 28, Neumo's

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