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THE SUPREME DICKS are no strangers to controversy. In fact, a number of years ago they were embroiled in a strange incident involving a Massachusetts youth who, on a live cable-access broadcast, announced he was going to kill himself. He downed what he claimed was cyanide, and promptly perished. Thinking it was a prank, the band and other attendant performers did not bother him, and hence only discovered at the show's conclusion that the youth in question had, in fact, committed suicide. TV Guide called it "the worst moment of TV" for 1989.

Five years later, a young musician and admirer of the Supreme Dicks, Dan Kapelovitz (Brothers of the Apocalypse, The Partridge Family Temple) petitioned to be included in part of their lineup. He was rejected. Undeterred, Kapelovitz went to their show at Spaceland (in L.A.) and simply took over, storming the stage and grabbing the nearest microphone. He proceeded .to perform for the rest of the show, despite protests from the band. Following the show, he asked if the band accepted his role or not. "Definitely not," he was gruffly told.

Infuriated, Kapelovitz promptly retaliated by launching the "Official Supreme Dicks Website" (, and offering himself to various music magazines and periodicals for "interviews with the lead singer." Pushed to their limits, the true Supreme Dicks reacted by promptly disbanding.