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THIS FROM an exceedingly unreliable source: a "recovered alcoholic" who, like the ancient mariner, likes to spin tales when cornered in a bar. Jean recalls a show by the legendary Flipper in 1987 at the Channel in Boston (shortly before guitarist Will Shatter's overdose). This was at the height of Flipper's cachet, and perhaps 150 people were in attendance. The band, however, arrived almost two hours late. Jean, by this time, had become quite drunk, and in a rage began to yell at the band, throwing numerous handy objects at them: her shoes, some bottles, various ashtray contents. Flipper allegedly told her to "calm down before we have to remove you." She recalls reacting by spitting on the band, and for the first time in her young life yelling "motherfucker!" in public. Then she blacked out. Flipper managed to kidnap her inert, passed-out form, and insert her into their nefarious Flippermobile (an old van) without her regaining consciousness. Jean awoke later in New York City....