You fucking bitches. You claim to be open-minded and diversity-loving but you are really just a bunch of closed-minded hatemongers. My boyfriend and I went to the Pride Parade in matching "Pretty Girls Make Graves" T-shirts. We got the same responses over and over: You looked, you smiled, you read, you scowled. Some of you had the guts to grunt something along the lines of "What's that supposed to mean?" Imagine the look of pure surprise when you found out that Pretty Girls Make Graves is actually a kick-ass Seattle band and not an anti-womyn slogan. Our tally by the end of the day was roughly 150 glaring dykes; 3 growling dykes who dared to ask; and 3 dykes who said, "Wow, they're wearing Pretty Girls Make Graves shirts." Why don't you all take your own advice and open your minds before you stick some preaching bumper sticker on the back of your Subaru. Maybe if the Pride Parade was not the only time you spent in the city experiencing diversity you would know what the fuck was going on and stop making big fat asses of yourselves by jumping to conclusions.