Musicians' Resource Directory

Musicians' Resource Directory

'The O.C.' Rules

The Biggest Loser

Radio Radio

Merch Lust

Full-Court Press

David Versus Goliath

Consign o' the Times

Book Smart

Pay to Play

Get in the Van

Sleep Is Underrated

Do I Do

Give Yourself a Hand

Rock the Rock, Walk the Walk

The Most Unsung Job in the Biz

If You Wanna Be My Groupie

Musicians' Resource Listings

We think these up-n-comers are the future of Northwest music. Click on the artist or band name to hear song samples, see where they're playing next, and learn more.

Lake of Falcons
Dirty Scientifix
The Quiet Ones
Joy Wants Eternity
Black Bear
Ghost Stories Band
Sleepy Eyes of Death
Bird Show of North America