We longed to speak with Princess about her outfit, her choice to cornrow half her hair, and that delicious looking ice-cream cone. But while Princess was willing to sign a model release form when our photographer spotted her downtown, she was unwilling to return our phone calls. Luckily, we knew exactly where Princess got her T-shirt.

AIRBRUSHED T-SHIRT by Peter Joyes, $15 at Puyallup County Fair (110 9th Ave SW Puyallup, 253-841-5045).

According to his website (peterjoyes.com/pjexpress.html), Peter Joyes, the artist who airbrushed Princess's T-shirt, was diagnosed with rectal cancer in October 2004. "I have had radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery," he wrote late last year to his concerned fans. "Now... I am doing okay. Healing from cancer surgery is a slow and very gentle process."

The symptoms of rectal cancer are constipation, a constant feeling of heaviness in the belly, and a "feeling that bowel does not completely empty." (What a horrible feeling that must be—imagine just sitting there, waiting and waiting.) Bright red or very dark blood in the stool is also a sign of this particular type of cancer, as well as narrower stools, frequent gas pains, cramps, bloating, and sudden and inexplicable loss of weight. (The strangest sign of rectal cancer is vomiting.) If the cancer is detected in its early stages, the chances of defeating it are good. If the cancer is detected after it has spread to other parts of the body, like the liver and the lungs, then death is something that the patient must look at with wide-open eyes.

Peter Joyes ends his statement to his fans on a positive note: "This past summer I did lots of face painting, several magic shows, and I did good business at the Monroe Fair, and at Puyallup. I have been the featured speaker and entertainer at several events. This past Halloween, I set up my airbrushes on the porch of my home and instead of giving away candy, we gave away neon names to the delight of all the local children."