Wassup, peeps—don't look now, but it's your old pal Adri again! Those affable grumps at The Stranger begged your fave Seattle Met editrix to pop on by and deliver the goods on all things Genius. (We gotta stop confabbing like this, Stranger, or the rumors will fly!) So here's the dealy-o: I think the Genius Awards are simply faboo. Over brekkie at a top-secret brunch spot a few weeks back (I'm not gonna spill the beans just yet, but here's a hint: It's an adorbs pub-style nook you probably haven't heard of, and I had the artisanal bangers and mash), I was gushing about Ellen Forney, Sarah Bergmann, Megan Griffiths, and all the rest. (And what a relief it is to see ladies representin'—as Lori Goldston might say, grrrl power, y'all!) These are some cultural warriors who deserve to blow up huge, and the Genius Awards are a heck of a lot more glamorous than a suicide bomb!

But then, something—call it editorial providence—struck me like a bolt from the blue: Why just celebrate the geniuses? We at Seattle Met believe the extraordinary is nifty, but we think the regular-old regular deserves a shout-out every now and again, too, for keepin' on with keepin' on and making sure there's a city out there just jam-packed full of stuff for my crack editorial staff to pen paeans to. That's why we're unveiling—drum roll, please—the Seattle Met Everyday Genius Awards! (Cue enthused applause and unabashed glee from the peanut gallery!)

Sure, local celebs like Grady West deserve mad props for their positively scintillating contributions to the cultural think-scape that is our fair Jet City. But what about those lesser theatrical luminaries who add their still-significant glow every day of every week in every year? Why hasn't the 5th Avenue Theater gotten a shout-out for their consistent showcase of family-friendly Broadway musicals? When I cast my peepers on their most recent staging of West Side Story, I was breathless—it looked exactly like the movie!

And for literature, what about Seatown's own J. A. Jance? The lady writes something like seven superlative whodunits a year, and she hasn't once been the beneficiary of a think piece in this cultural country club. (Too busy being snooty, Stranger? You know I love you, but Confucius say every barb has a skosh of truth behind its sting!)

The mind reels at the possibilities—a foodie- centric nod to the pescatory prima donnas at Seattle's own Flying Fish for keepin' it real after all these years; a high five to City Councilwoman Sally Clark for her no-nonsense, risk-free style of governance; a hearty how-do-you-do for local up-and-comer Macklemore for taking a controversial stand in favor of gay marriage! These are all people who maybe aren't geniuses, but darn it, they show up every day and do the work. If that's not the very definition of stunning, I can't even begin to cogitate as to what is. So thanks for letting me steal a leaf from your playbook, Stranger—we'll see ya on the newsstands! recommended