Hello, friends.

If I were to tell you that you were about to take an amazing journey and see things no human has seen for a millennia, you would be excited. Wouldn't you?

Well, that's just what I'm going to tell you today.

Many people have been concerned that they missed the so-called "END OF THE WORLD MAYAN APOCALYPSE." But my knowledge as a trained Aiq'ij tells a very different story. Yes, it was the end on 12-21-2012. But it was also the beginning of something quite amazing. And as it is because you missed that end that you are reading this, now is the time I can share with you an opportunity. Information that reveals to you the secret information you heretofore missed and that I've only shared with certain Nobelists and world leaders.

It is important that you keep this page on your person at all times. Refer to the belowhand "Adornment Guide" illustration aid many times as you practice the vibrations that will return you to the beginning of the end so that you can come and begin with us anew.

As demonstrated, you will need (1x) Skull Plate Gem configured for your personal-wave/tendency; (2x) Ear Frequency Flange Swab; (1 bag) Fresh-Scent Dermal-Head Accelerant Powder.

Believe me, there has never been so much possibility at your fingertips! All of these necessary materials can be gathered at the Tri'pl-qu't store for a very reasonable price. If you say it's too expensive, I say it's not about the money value in this already-ended world! It will cost you only $40, and 40 is an important number in many religions: It rained for 40 days and nights; Lent is 40 days long, Moses traveled 40 years in the desert, chaalis is the Hindi term for 40, humans have 40 different blood types, Byron Beck is number 40 for the Denver Nuggets. You see, it's a cusp of the great cycle of $40! That's exactly what everybody who still remains is talking about and now you!

Trust that if you are able to return and embrace the end that you missed then you will be thanking me and wishing your vibration had practiced even earlier for this possibility. Earthly banks are still in operation. Consider the Adornment Guide closely.

Yours in Human Investment, Evolution, and Vibratory Reform,

Dr. A. vH. Brunsen