In times of great strife, decent human beings put aside ideological issues to come together as one and celebrate humanity. As just one example, Taiwanese architect Hsieh Ying-chun (, in his native tongue) designed and oversaw the rebuilding of residences of a small tribe, the Thao, that were destroyed in a major earthquake in 1999. This giant of architecture didn't have to set his life aside in order to help the needy, but he did so, and he has dedicated his life since to constructing affordable housing for the impoverished.

So. Now we face a tanking global economy that is beginning to atrophy a few of my sturdiest and most untouchable offshore accounts. Our woefully inexperienced president-elect seems more interested in making videos of himself and posting them on the Internets than assisting poor, starving U.S. automakers. And what does that pinnacle of Seattle journalism, The Stranger, "Seattle's Only Newspaper," do about this terrible crisis? Provide a sober analysis of the dire situation and enlist several economists to put forth plans that even our incoming infant-in-chief can comprehend and put to good use?

Of course not. DOMINIC HOLDEN, ELI SANDERS, and DAVID SCHMADER instead decided to waste exorbitant amounts of space with giant photographs of a group of angry sodomites who are upset that they can't play house in California. The photos—which include nudity, wretched indulgences, and a staggering lack of self-awareness—also celebrate a religious intolerance that I have not seen in this country since the Great Tacoman Anti-Semitic Riots of '38. That these nattering "reporters" of the fictional and obscure decided to blame the intolerance that their bizarre and impractical (and rather messy) lifestyle choice attracts on the Mormon Church goes beyond irresponsible journalism. It's baffling and not a little Third-Reichish, although without even the snappy uniforms to their credit.

Perhaps in order to balance this cavalcade of deviance and hate-mongering, Mr. Holden has also written a story this week about Treehouse, an organization that assists foster children. While the story is basically well written, and the cause is beyond reproach, I'd like to assure Mr. Holden that these efforts to redeem his anti-LDS bigotry of a scant few pages before is far too little, way too late. Though I don't claim to fully understand the ways of the Mormons (including the success of their lucrative tithing scheme, which, to be honest, I wish I'd thought of first), I am sure there is now a special stool in Mormon hell awaiting Mr. Holden, right next to the unbaptized Mayans, and I secretly harbor a hope that I will be able to witness his suffering from my righteous perch in Anglican heaven.

In other news, Mr. Sanders gloats about a few journalists who have lost their jobs. At least they didn't have to sell their souls to retain a meager hundred-dollars-a-week salary, Mr. Sanders. Even unemployed, they are still journalists, which is more than anyone at your little angel dust–addled weekly reader can say.