Halloween costume?

"The last time I dressed up was 20 years ago. I think I was a cowboy."

Who or what should the IRS investigate in Seattle?

"Amazon. Where is all that money going?"

When should we stop bombing Afghanistan?

"When we have captured or eliminated bin Laden."


Toys in Babeland: Pike or Pine?

"Toys in Babeland? Oh, I was there. 'Don't forget to polish your pearl'--that place, right? Pike."

How much did you pay in property taxes last year?

"I'm a renter, so I don't pay property taxes."

The Blue Angels--totally cool or totally uncool?

"The Blue Angels should not be able to fly over our city."

When should we halt the bombing in Afghanistan?

"Now. My true view is that we probably should never have started. I just think: Should you send 50 Tomahawk missiles, at $2 million each, into Afghanistan to blow up tents and stone huts? I thought the guys who actually did the crime died on the planes."


Best date you've ever had in Seattle?

"With my girlfriend at the Continental Restaurant and Pastry Shop on the Ave. We realized we were both serious fans of the Continental--which is the most important space in the city of Seattle."

Nickels or Sidran?

"Oh Jesus. Nickels--with a big sigh afterward. I think Nickels is a bit more compassionate, but, uh, his big minuses are the stadium and light rail. He did stand up for monorail long before everyone else, like Sidran, jumped on the bandwagon."

What's your biggest regret?

"That Tim Eyman learned his signature-gathering chops while volunteering for the anti-stadium campaign that I ran."

Who or what should the IRS investigate in Seattle?

"The stadium authority."


Magazine subscriptions?

"Ski Magazine and Sports Illustrated, I'm sorry to say."

Aurora or I-5?

"You can actually get places on Aurora. We live in West Seattle and never use I-5."

Halloween costume?


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