Nicolas Jaar (upper left), XXYYXX (lower left), Pharmakon (right)

ACTRESS (Thurs, Crocodile) Elusive British maverick Darren Cunningham's tracks shimmer, shimmy, and pulsate with quicksilvery inventiveness among techno, dubstep, garage, and gamelan. Hazyville, indeed. DAVE SEGAL

ARCHIE PELAGO (Sun, Neumos) This Brooklyn trio runs its sax, cello, and trumpet through Ableton programs to create warped, jazzy disco and futuristic avant-jazz. Their nuanced fusion of organic and synthetic sonic molecules represents an otherworldly breakthrough. DS

AXEL BOMAN (Fri, Q) The excellently named Axel Boman is a Swedish DJ whose warm and friendly house jams will make for the perfect late-night dance partner at Q, and he's also hitting the decks during the day for Decibel's boat party series, which promises to be a scenic, feel-good time. On a boat! EMILY NOKES

BEN KLOCK (Wed, Q) One major reason why Berlin rules the minimal-techno world is this guy, whose DJ mixes are psychedelic assemblages of driving, bleep-intensive cuts. Klock's gonna sound amazing on Q's massive system. DS

EVIAN CHRIST (Thurs, Chop Suey) Fresh off production duties on Yeezus highlight "I'm in It," British beat prodigy Evian Christ trades in booming 808s, scrambled rap samples, and wafting, hazy melodies undercutting all the hard talk with a palpable sense of longing. KYLE FLECK

HUERCO S. (Thurs, Chop Suey) With Colonial Patterns, Kansas City's Huerco S. shoots to the forefront of America's experimental-techno scene. His crepuscular, exotically humid, and oddly angled dance music is bafflingly fresh and great. DS

IKONIKA (Wed, Crocodile) Queen of the later-era London dubstep scene (and pony in the Hyperdub stable), Ikonika commands wacked-out melodic curlicues, bouncy chiptune, and throwback/Pac-Man-eating-a-disco-ball synth grooves. EN

JUAN ATKINS (Sat, Showbox at the Market) Juan Atkins's work with Cybotron put the idea of the new sound of techno in the air in the early '80s. Later, under the name Model 500, Atkins purified that sound. Clearly he did more than anyone else to separate Detroit from Chicago and to establish techno. CHARLES MUDEDE

KINK (Sun, Neumos) If you've been craving quality Bulgarian dance music, get your ass to KiNK's set at Decibel's From Disco to Disco Finale. His wonky tech-house cuts somehow combine ecstatic party vibes with undercurrents of menace, a fascinating paradox that'll make you sweat. DS

KODE9 (Wed, Crocodile) Hyperdub Records' boss is bass-centric music's foremost philosopher, a keen judge of post-dubstep talent (he discovered Burial), and a wicked, versatile DJ and producer. DS

LORN (Sun, Crocodile) If Lorn (the menacing electronic project of Marcos Ortega) were a landscape, it'd be a scorched and smoldering one. The postapocalyptic, last-man-standing style is dark and defiant, yet satisfying in its cohesiveness. EN

MACHINEDRUM (Fri, Showbox at the Market) Machinedrum's latest work sees him combining juke rhythms with jungle's aggression and ambient's underlying current of melancholy, with breathtakingly beautiful results. KF

MILEECE (Wed, Chihuly Garden and Glass) Ever wonder what sort of music your plants like? Or what sort of music they themselves might make if only you attached electrodes to their leaves and then created a program to translate the findings into soundscapes? English artist Mileece is known for her beautiful/minimal recordings and installations based on this blend of science, nature, and music. EN

MOUNT KIMBIE (Fri, Showbox Sodo) Mount Kimbie got their start in the UK "bass" music scene, but quickly developed their own quirky, idiosyncratic take on the genre, with fizzy melodies and clockwork percussion aligning them more closely to IDM acts like Plaid. When MK play live, however, expect plenty of that low end to return. KF

NATASHA KMETO (Thurs, Crocodile) Portland's Natasha Kmeto makes blurred-edged, catchy synthetic-soul music with song titles that describe a life I wouldn't mind leading: "Morning Sex," "Vodka Diet," and "Idiot Proof." KF

NICOLAS JAAR (Fri, Showbox Sodo) Jaar satisfies your need for understated, richly melodic techno with suave panache. His 2011 debut album, Space Is Only Noise, is a euphorically morose bedroom-techno album for the ages. DS

NILS FRAHM (Fri, Benaroya) This minimalist German keyboardist wrings devastating emotion from his contemplative compositions. His beautiful, crystalline set at last year's Decibel prompted the wildest applause I heard at the fest. DS

THE ORB (Sat, Showbox at the Market) These legendary purveyors of whimsical, psychedelic dub and ambient house fried my synapses at a 1995 gig. Here's betting they still have that transcendently mischievous essence. DS

OREN AMBARCHI (Sun, Triple Door) Nearly every sound from this Australian's guitar subverts your expectations about guitar sounds. His pliable drones take on traits of water, factories, aviation, and busted fax machines. Ambarchi's the anti–Angus Young. DS

PEARSON SOUND (Fri, Neumos) David Kennedy, corunner of UK label Hessle Audio, is the busy man behind Pearson Sound (as well as the dubstep alias Ramadanman and/or Chicago-house alias Maurice Donovan), who produces cutting-edge tech-house that's always in demand because he's always evolving. EN

PHARMAKON (Sat, Triple Door) The scariest music at Decibel's going to be by this young woman, whose Abandon album is packed with sonic white-knuckle sandwiches; it's a gristly trawl through doom-noise's most harrowing corridors. DS

RAIME (Sun, Triple Door) This British duo's music shivers in the same ominously desolate vein as Demdike Stare's. Raime create encroaching, sooty soundtracks for slowly losing your grip on sanity. Beyond woebegone. DS

RYAN HEMSWORTH (Sat, Crocodile) Hemsworth's rapidly ascending profile is based on his gift for crafting absolute bangers from a few simple-yet-addictive ingredients: syrupy, celestial R&B production, quasi-trap beats, and mournful, ghostly vocals. Zeitgeisty! KF

SHABAZZ PALACES (Thurs, Showbox at the Market) The ever-riveting Shabazz Palaces (project of space shamans Ishmael Butler and Tendai Maraire) take atmospheric hiphop to shadowy dimensions through potent beat mists and lyrical mirages. EN

SPEEDY J (Fri, Q) If there were a Dutch techno hall of fame, Speedy J would be the first inductee. For 20 years, he's maintained astronomically high quality control re: thrusting, abrasive warehouse techno. So intense. DS

TEEBS (Sun, Crocodile) Brainfeeder-affiliated LA whiz kid Teebs makes music that sounds like a junkyard brimming with hidden life: Harps and chimes sprout like flowers between the cracks in the beats, their gorgeous melodies blooming under a brown sky. KF

THOMAS FEHLMANN (Sat, Neumos) The elder statesman of German techno, this geezer's a master of the schaffel groove, smoothly propulsive minimal techno, and dubby, aquatic ambience. DS

VESSEL (Thurs, Chop Suey) Recording for the renowned Tri Angle label, England's Vessel creates trudging, astral-gothic house music to which you can rhythmically brood. His music exudes a pitiless beauty. DS

XXYYXX (Fri, Showbox at the Market) Marcel Everett—the 17-year-old producer also known as XXYYXX—makes snapping/clicking beats, chillaxed experimental compositions, and pop collages that take from artists like Ne-Yo, TLC, and R. Kelly and sound like the sampling equivalents of sensual ransom notes. EN

ZOLA JESUS WITH JG THIRLWELL (Sat, Triple Door) Frosty goth-pop sensation Zola Jesus's latest album saw her reworking past material into a series of sweeping, orchestra-aided torch songs. Her voice is a thing of beauty: Be prepared to swoon. KF