A tip for all you annoying, sunshiny extroverts who seem to think shyness is a form of mental retardation. My personality is not a goddamn handicap that I need to overcome. Leave me in peace and quit acting like it's your personal mission to take us shy people on like we're some kind of "project." Operation "Bring You Out Of Your Shell." Not only is it arrogant and maddening that you assume we want to be like you, but hey, you know what--I really don't want your hugs either. And it's not because I can't bring myself to "open up" and "get comfortable." It's because I think you are full of bullshit and have deluded ideas about socializing. I don't want help! I like my personality. And I like the fact that I don't fucking chitchat or try to make new friends, like some kind of dog sniffing every bitch ass that walks by. I'm not a charity case. You are a freak. Stop trying to fix me, and please just let me enjoy the melancholic alienation that I've come to so glamorize.