Thank you, Scott, for that riveting report on the sleeping man accidentally dumped into a garbage truck. I must admit that's always been a fear of mine, waking up to find myself tumbling from a Dumpster into a trash compactor just waiting to crush my hips like pretzels. Ow! Thankfully, I've never had a broken bone, but I have stubbed every one of my toes. Omigod--the worst was this time I was at a reception for Craig T. Nelson, the guy who played Coach on Coach, whom I've always thought was kinda attractive in an icky sort of way, and I was wearing these open-toe sandals, which were just adorable. Where are those? Anyway, Craig T. Nelson walks by and I think, "Okay, Leslie, it's now or never!" and I race around the buffet table. But before I get to him, this woman steps in front of me and it's Goldie Hawn! I'm so surprised I slam my foot into a table leg and scream something that isn't fit for broadcast, if you know what I mean, and Craig T. Nelson looks at me and Goldie Hawn looks at me and my toes are bleeding and I just want to die! So... yeah. Sleeping in Dumpsters is a terrible thing. Back to you, Scott.