NIKKI GIOVANNI--Not much has changed with Giovanni's new book of poetry, Blues: For All the Changes. Still brutally honest, Giovanni hits all the usual targets with the political poet's sing-song wand. She reads here while she is in town for the Unity 99 conference. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 1 pm, free.


WILLIAM LANGEWIESCHE--Swinging back into town for the paperback release of his hit, Inside the Sky: A Meditation on Flight, Langewiesche offers lovely ruminations, knit with personal anecdote, on how flamesying has altered humans' self-perception. Kane Hall Walker Ames Room, UW Campus, 634-3400, 7 pm, free.

CONNIE BRISCOE--Briscoe draws from her own slave lineage to create a historical fiction with convincing details in A Long Way from Home, following the main character, Clara, through various households and eventually to love. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.


FARAI CHIDEYA--Fired-up journalist Chideya is the well-respected author of The Color of Our Future and a contributor to Time and Vibe. She reads and discusses issues of the future of race identity. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 3 pm, free.

PRIMUS ST. JOHN--A Portland poet whose aphorisms scan history and politics to offer concise, electric dynamos about the world. His new collection is called Communion: Poems 1976-1998. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.


*THE RAVEN CHRONICLES--"Issue" is a highly appropriate word for the Raven Chronicles, which issues bulletins of local talent and raises issues of universal importance. Hear contributors to the newest issue read tonight--including Matt Briggs, Stacey Levine, Anna Mockler, and more. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 3 pm, free.

MARK HINSHAW--The buildings of Seattle turn Hinshaw's head: Architect and city planner, he plumbs both practical and not-so-prosaic elements of the city in the well illustrated Citiscape Seattle: Shaping a Modern Metropolis. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

*DAVID EDDIE--See Calendar Box. University Book Store, 4326 University Way NE, 634-3400, 7 pm, free.


*HOWARD WALDROP--Noted sci-fi writer and recluse, Waldrop takes time out from trout fishing to read from his current work in an evening presented by Clarion West. Waldrop has won Hugo and Nebula Awards and appears on many a "my favorite science fiction" list. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

PHILLIP TOSHIO SUDO--The author of Zen Guitar uses his approach to mystify the real center of most people's lives with his newest work, Zen Computer. Barnes & Noble, Pacific Place, 264-0156, noon, free.


RIDLEY PEARSON--Illegal aliens lost overboard spark the interest of a Seattle news reporter in Pearson's thriller, The First Victim--and when the reporter vanishes, it's up to Lou Boldt to find out why. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 8 pm, free.


Note to regularly programmed open mics: The Stranger will list events only if we receive an announcement--regular listings will be dropped unless we are notified that the events are in fact ongoing.


THE PEARL--Turn irritation into beauty: bring fiction, poetry, film or drama. Every first Thursday celebrates Dead Poets. The Pearl, 4215 University Way NE, 547-3326, 8 pm, free.


RED SKY POETRY THEATER--Continuing its 18th season of readings, spotlighting local writers plus an open mic. Globe Cafe, 1531 14th off Pine, 633-5647, 7 pm, free.


LIVINGROOM--Every Monday about this time, people read and rant and play music. Tonight features Blox. Habitat Espresso, 222 Broadway E, 689-8661, 7:30 pm, free.


HOMELAND--The homiest of open mics, with Erik Rader and espresso chocolate chip cookies. Globe Cafe, 1531 14th Ave (at Pine), 324-8815, 7:30 pm, free.


*SEATTLE POETRY SLAM--In the ballroom of the most delectably dilapidated hotel in the city, the Slam continues to rock the foundation of performance poetry, tonight featuring the Raven Chronicles' Arthur Tulee. OK Hotel, 212 Alaskan Way S, 621-7903, 9 pm, $3 (21 and over).

STAGE FRIGHT--...And if you're not 21 and over-- if you're say, 14 and up--you can strut yer stuff on Seattle's most happenin' youth stage. Welcomes music, performance, poetry, or just plain soul-spilling. Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave E, 526-2992 ext 23, 7 pm, free.

COFFEE MESSIAH--Come to confess your sins, stay for a cookie. Open mic for poetry, stories, music, rants, and more. Coffee Messiah, 1554 E Olive Way, 860-7377, 8:30 pm, free.


WORDSCAPE--The Stranger recommends that you pick up Wordscape, Seattle's free monthly guide to literary events, to find a complete listing of opportunities for writers. Wordscape has an outstanding listing of contests, grants, and calls for writing, which we can only envy. Pick it up at most local bookstores and libraries!

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