SYLVIA BROWNE—Psychic and spiritual teacher Browne's book The Other Side and Back: A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond is endorsed by Montel Williams. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

DAVID A. NEIWERT—Neiwert, a brave, brave man, interviewed right-wing militia members for his book In God's Country: the Patriot Movement and the Pacific Northwest. University Book Store, 4326 University Way NE, 634-3400, 7 pm, free.

*CLARK HUMPHREY—Misc. lives on in Humphrey's collection of columns, The Big Book of Misc.: Pseudo-Random Remarks on Popular Culture in Seattle and Beyond: 1986-1999, which has been updated and edited for superior readability. Borders, 1501 Fourth Ave, 622-4599, 6 pm, free


TOM C. HUNLEY & DIANE WESTERGAARD— Local poets Hunley, author of Newspring, and Westergaard, whose poems have been published in such magazines as Fine Madness and Prairie Schooner, read from current work as part of the "Passion for Poetry" series. Barnes & Noble, 31325 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way, 253-839-7541, 7 pm, free.

MONA LEE— Seattle's Open Hand Publishing offers Lee's sci-fi-ish tale of "earth ethics." Aliens arrive in the San Juan Islands and raise awareness. Lee has penned a book that just might end up having a cult following like Mutant Message Down Under. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

TREVOR SCOTT— Scott's book Extreme Faction pits CIA officer Jake Adams against the international murderers of a world-renowned biochemist! Third Place Books, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333, 6:30 pm, free.

SCRIBES— Young writers read from work they completed during the Scribes summer creative writing program; also, murals from New York's Community Word Project are unveiled. Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, 322-7030, 4:30 pm, free.


FRED ALBERT & FRIENDS— Fred Albert's friends are furry: He is the author of the doggy book Barkitecture, and is joined for this event by cooks from the Three Dog Bakery. Barnes & Noble, Pacific Place Main Floor, 264-0156, 2 pm, free.


DAVID HOROWITZ— As poet and publisher of Seattle's Rose Alley Press, Horowitz keeps up the traditional end of the table discussion that is poetry. He reads from his newest collection, Streetlamp, Treetop, Star. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.


JUDY COLLINS— Singing Lessons is the title of clarinet-voiced Collins' memoir, written after the suicide of her son in 1992. Intense meditations on intimacy, the music industry, and resilience. Third Place Books, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333, 7 pm, free.

ROD LONG— Rod Long has "written" a very strange and therefore sort of enchanting book: Belly Laughs—short tales of belly dancers' experiences "on the road." Long, who is apparently a comedian, doesn't once blink at the peculiar nature of his subject matter, or even seem to wonder who his audience might be, which renders this a surreal glimpse into a narrow world. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.


*DONALD OLSON— Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

*KAREN RAMSEY— A special session for teens and parents, by the author who wants to convince you that Everything You Know About Money Is Wrong. Third Place Books, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333, 6 pm, free.

Note to regularly programmed open mics: The Stranger will list events only if we receive an announcement — regular listings will be dropped unless we are notified that the events are in fact ongoing.


THE PEARL — Turn irritation into beauty: bring fiction, poetry, film or drama. Every first Thursday celebrates Dead Poets. The Pearl, 4215 University Way NE, 547-3326, 8 pm, free.

665 — A Salon production, open mic spoken word and music. This week features Nik Chatfield. Four Angels Cafe, 1400 14th Ave, 329-4066, 8 pm, free.


COFFEE MESSIAH — Come to confess your sins, stay for a cookie. Open mic for poetry, stories, music, rants, and more. Coffee Messiah, 1554 E Olive Way, 860-7377, 8:30 pm, free.

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